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Jeremy Corbyn: Being Urged To Run Against Sadiq Khan.

Khan Will be Up For Re-Election As London Mayor.

By Nicholas BishopPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Former Labour Leader: Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn lost out to Boris Johnson in 2019. Mr. Corbyn resigned as Labour leader when Sir Keir succeeded him. A report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission found against Mr. Corbyn.

Mr. Corbyn was accused of not investigating Anti-Semitism properly. Mr. Corbyn is accused of harassment and discrimination against Jews.

Mr. Corbyn was consequently suspended from the Labour party. Mr. Corbyn has sat ever since as an independent MP for Islington. With Sadiq Khan's time as London Mayor coming to an end, Mr. Corbyn has been urged to stand against him.

Sadiq Khan has been London's Mayor for many years. The first Muslim Mayors' time in office will have supporters and detractors. It seems your faith no longer matters when seeking office of any kind.

Look at our first Hindu Prime Minister Rishi Sunak agree with him or not? If you would have said 30 years ago we would have a Muslim Mayor of London and a Hindu Prime Minister many would have doubted this.

Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone said he would back Jeremy all the way. Mr. Livingstone was a thorn in the side of Margaret Thatcher in the 80s. Mr. Livingstone ran the Greater London Council as a left-wing leader of that council. At a time when the UK was run by a right-wing Tory administration under Mrs. Thatcher. The GLC was eventually abolished by the Tories. It seemed Mr. Livingstone's political career went with it.

Ken Livingstone returned as the first Mayor of London. Similar to the American model like the Mayor of New York, Los Angeles, etc. Livingstone was successful if you subscribe to his brand of politics.

Livingstone was eventually defeated by Boris Johnson and his sojourn as Mayor began. Khan succeeded Boris as Mayor and he has been there ever since.

Mr. Corbyn would be going up against a fellow Labour politician in Sadiq Khan. If Jeremy remains a sitting independent MP only then can he run. If Mr. Corbyn is readmitted to the Labour party he will not stand.

Constitutionally it would not be possible anyway and it wouldn't make sense. Yes, Khan may be more centre-ground and Corbyn far-left (as some would see it) but they are both Labour.

Mr. Corbyn responded to the report saying it was all nonsense. Mr. Corbyn said he is proud to be the representative of his constituency in Islington, North London. Many have suspected that if Jeremy did run against Khan he would win.

One has to ask what would the UK be like today if Corbyn had beaten Johnson. Certainly, the UK would have gone in a different direction politically.

Things would have been fairer for ordinary people for sure. The UK would stay friendly with the US even if Trump was in power. However, the UK would not be a party to launching illegal wars. Mr. Corbyn would have been friendlier to left-wing regimes.

What would our relationship with China, Iran, Russia, and North Korea have been like? Mr. Corbyn would be harder on countries like Saudi Arabia and Israel.

As for Brexit that would have happened perhaps with a better agreement. Covid would have been handled perhaps better than Boris handled it. As for nukes that is unknown as is membership in NATO.

Regarding the Russia - Ukraine War would Mr. Corbyn have supplied weapons and training for Vlodimyr Zelensky? Mr. Corbyn as a pacifist would probably try and get the two sides talking.

Of course, Mr. Corbyn didn't win the general election of 2019. However, one can imagine what might have been. Indeed, if you accept the multiverse theory in a what-if scenario Corbyn will be the British Prime Minister.


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