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Is Trump Hitler Jr?

by Sustainable Scott 2 years ago in opinion
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Watch the video ”dont be a sucker” Don’t let evil win.

I recently came across some into information connecting Trump with the same principles of Hitler

The word is demagoguery...

It's defined as political activity or practices that seek support by appealing to the desires and prejudices of ordinary people rather than by using rational argument.

Past demagogues were Hitler and Mussolini. Just before they committed the worst atrocities of world history. It seems like people have forgotten so fast. Those who Dont study history are doomed to repeat it.

When I watch Trumps election speeches leading up to the 2016 election. It seemed to be nothing but hate speech. Constant yelling, exciting the mob to hate. Rather it be hating immigrants using fear to make people afraid. ”Build the wall, build the wall.”

Having been personally grown up in Texas, I went to school with illegal immigrant's. In Texas I know illegal immigrants built the state.. They were harder workers and never complained. Many have American children and are just as worthy to work for the American Dream.

I know rewatching all of Trumps campaign speeches from 2016, it seemed like he was only attacking people. He would constantly share stories about how an illegal immigrant killed Someone, but he never spoke about how America has benefited off using illegal immigrants to build their nation for the last 5 decades.

Before Trump was president, the issue was always talked about with previous presidents. But there was always a sort of Grey area, where even under Obama, if a person made the Across the border into our country they were sort of given amnesty to live. My friends father was an illegal immigrant who lived in Texas, worked and paid taxes. However since Trump was elected, ICE started an active war on illegal immigrants. The arrests became so prevalent that churches across the nation were providing refuge to prevent ICE from deporting them. He was deported and his American daughters and granddaughter heart broken because there was no ability to stay.

It's like something out of Nazi Germany. Countless people we're round up and deported, when Previously they were allowed to live and check in regular court dates.

It's so ironic the leader of the free world, Arguably the most powerful man on planet earth who is married thrice to 2 out of 3 immigrants. Starts a war on immigration. He only mentioned the exception to the rule when he spoke about immigrants.

He only used fear, and hate, to rouse the mob, ”build the wall! Build the wall!” He never told his followers he once was investigated on the construction of his buildings for using illegal Polish immigrants. He never mentioned how illegal immigrants farmed all the crops for farmers and starting a war on them would deeply hurt the farmers ability to harvest crops.

Further, once he won the election, he pardoned a friend of Jared Kushners for hiring hundreds of illegals at a meat packing plant in Ohio. So with his track record, one can say he supports slavery, but when attacking the slaves is good to win an election, then it was necessary to start a war on them and give the illusion they were all bad.

There is no illusion for sure, some illegal immigrants we're very bad people. Trump had a story for everyone of them. But he never spoke about the good ones. The one's who made America great. Like the veterans who faught for the US MILITARY, and were Subsequently deported once Trump won the office. Many of whom commitmited suicide after their deportation. I am arguing that bad illegal immigrants were the exception to the rule not the majority.

For the last decade, I couldn't go into a restaurant in Texas without finding illegals working their who had fake social security numbers. It was never that they were taking Americans jobs, it's that they were allowing business to thrive of good workers working hard jobs for minimum wages. Businesses in the south were so successful business because of illegal immigrants. And every American directly benefited off of them.

It's not to be surprised however, with Trumps Initial campaign advisor Steve Bannon who regularly pushed white nationalist rhetoric. And Stephen Miller who is a open racist with leaked emails from 2019....

When all these people were saying Trump is a racist, they lost that battle. Because Trump is not a racist, but his speech writer and campaign managers all have been open about their White nationalist agenda.

There was a massive campaign in the 1940s, attacking Demagoguery. It's called ”dont be a sucker”. What's amazing is how much the man sounded exactly like Trump during his speech.

How could this have happened? The great United States of America has been taken over by a white nationalist agenda. Meanwhile, America is burning, with more racial tension than ever before. Trump does not show one ounce of empathy towards African Americans or minority, instead he sends in goon squads to further inflame the division under the guise of establishing law and order.

I in no way support BLM's destruction of the buildings in violent protests. But I Dont understand how people believe Trump when he shifts the blame onto Democrats. When his own campaign advisors like Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller are open racists.

People Dont see that Steve Bannon designed this entire race war as a way to destablise USA. They seem to be pushing it to it's limit. In a climax to 2020, the season finale of the apprentice Donald Trump has turned into the presidency.

I believe in America, I believe it was Immigrants who built USA, the greatest country of the world. I write this as a warning to people. Do not let demagoguery fool you. Dont be a sucker. Hitler's first year's in the office are like the spitting image of Trump. If he wins again, I feel it will be much worse. It's even harder seeing how he is running on the illusion the campaign is rigged, even though he did the same in 2016. It seems as if he is the one rigging the election.

If he loses, I feel his voters believe in him so much. They will not accept the loss. Even Military generals have made contingency plans in case he refuses to leave the White House.

Please my friends don’t be a sucker. Dont let evil win.


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