Is Trump Evil?

by Lannon Smith 2 years ago in trump

By a High School Student with a Lot to Say, But No Way to Say It

Is Trump Evil?

One thing trump is known for is being "evil." A lot of people would agree; rest in peace, Hillary Clinton supporters. The problem with last year's election was the hate. It was never "I love Trump" or "I love Hillary," it was always "I hate him/her." But the people would do the exact same thing if given a second chance. America is a big ethnic salad, and every old white guy was expected to vote for Trump. Well, I'm pretty sure that almost 50% of America is not old white men.

"Is Donald Trump racist?" Ever heard that question? I have not, it's always, "Trump is racist." But how many of these people really know what they're talking about? The problem is dishonesty and the internet. No one is held accountable for false news. Yes, Trump can come off as racist, and I do understand that he says a lot of controversial statements. But is he "racist?"

The dictionary defines racist as "a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of the other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another." Trump is something you don't see very often: an honest politician. He doesn't hide everything going on in his brain; this can be a bad thing, but it's also what the US needs. Trump put a temporary ban on people entering countries of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. Not all muslims are bad, but when you think terrorist, usually something like 9/11 comes to mind, one of the most tragic terrorist attacks in America. And yes they were 19 Muslim men. Terrorists are giving a bad name to Muslims and are constricting Muslims from coming to America. A lot of people think it was wrong, but was it?

Latinos being deported for no reason is the most exaggerated saying. Trump wants to deport illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants did not come here to the US following the rules and guidelines and didn't pledge their allegiance to our country. Illegal immigrants take jobs and opportunities from legal immigrants. It just isn't fair to all the people who spent their lives trying to come to this country. Not every immigrant is Mexican and yes, Trump hasn't used the right wording sometimes, but I think if you listen to what he says, you'll understand.

"Is Trump a sexist?" Another question not heard very often. Trump has said and done some pretty controversial things that had a lot of backlash. Mentioning the grabbing of women by their genitals and many other things. From a woman's point of view, I could see how this could offend me. There is no excuse for somethings he says, but he apologizes and is trying to be better.

When Trump was elected, the country was angry. Every democrat was throwing a tantrum because Hillary didn't win. In 2008, President Barack Obama was elected. A lot of republicans strongly disliked him, but were there riots? Did millions of people riot and tell him he wasn't their president? No, because he won that title in a fair way. Trump also won in a fair way, but people still riot and don't accept him as their president. The nation has never been this torn apart. And over what? A man who says offensive things occasionally.

Trump is not a politician, he is a business man. America is in debt 19.19 trillion dollars. Trump is the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company and has to know a little bit about money and how to play your cards right. America doesn't need another president who promises things they know will not happen. We do not need another president that puts immigrants and other countries before our selves. What we need is a president that will lead this country, economically, politically, and socially. We need a leader to unite this "united nation."

In the end, everybody is different and no one shares the exact same opinion on everything. Some people hate Trump, others love him. We are all still Americans, and maybe if we put aside our differences and started supporting him, maybe, just maybe, we could move forward as one. So no, Trump is not evil. And millions of people will still disagree, and that's okay.

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