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Is There A New Potential Worst President in Modern Time

So far has any president done worst.. the following are in place by the Worst President during this modern time in the United States of America.

By EstalontechPublished 11 months ago 5 min read

Is There A New Potential Worst President in Modern Time

Today, I just watched The Five on Fox News. During the broadcast, one of the hosts reported someone as saying, “Jimmy Carter is Happy to realize he is No Longer the Worst President in Modern Time.” Do you agree with this assessment?

Mr. Carter is, at his core, a morally upstanding person. His fundamental goals have always been for the benefit of others. He is an outstanding instructor in the Sunday School. He is not motivated by avarice, power, or the need to be loved and respected by others. At least according to his own standards, he is trustworthy.

Was he the worst president who has served? If not, how about the other presidents who have served in the time before 2021?

The following are in place by the Worst President during this modern time, and Carter should find relief in the fact that now, since 2021, many things have occurred, and the worst has been put in place by the Worst President for Modern time in the United States of America.

So far has any president done worst.. the following are in place by the Worst President during this modern time in the United States of America.

Since the beginning of his first 12 months on the job, the administration have implemented a harsher policy. We are unable to go into specifics, but I am sure everyone can guess what it is.

Order issued by the executive branch to advance racial equity

It is imperative that we comprehend the distinction that exists between equity and equality. It is possible that not everyone is aware of this, but the concept of widespread racism is entirely fictitious. Establishing a racial fairness policy is tantamount to ignoring this truth and making an effort to evade the core of the problem. Ghettos may be found in a great number of cities around the country that are governed by the Dem Party for this same reason.

An incompetent retreat from Afghanistan

Well everybody can remember ,billion dollars worth of military hardware were left as bonus for the local in Afghan as bonus as part of playing their role in the Afghanistan conflict ,the decision for the messy withdrawal was unbecoming for a US president ,as it not only resulted in the loss of American lives but also destroyed our reputation on a global scale and provided ISIS and the Taliban with newfound strength.

The decision to abandon construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

The environmental plan championed during the election as a promise resulted in the rejection of the Keystone XL project when he was elected . This command, on the other hand, is not just ill scheduled but also poorly carried out. In the middle of the epidemic, this cancellation, along with many others, resulted in the loss of employment for more than 50,000 individuals.

His choice to become back involved with the Paris Climate Agreement.

Although the Climate Accord may appear to have good intentions, it really has the opposite effect of what it intends to achieve.

The calling off of the operation known as Talon.

The former administration began to implement Operation Talon throughout their time in office. Convicted sexual offenders who were residing in the United States illegally were the target of the program’s efforts to deport them. The President in Office ought to make every effort to ensure the safety of the American people at home.

Hell Inflation — You Can’t Eat Gold, Silver, or Bitcoin

Due to the out-of-control inflation, the prices of petrol, wood, food, and almost everything else have all increased. Despite the fact that the economy is entering a recession and he has been unable in getting his government to make changes, he continues to send billions of dollars to other nations, which does not benefit the people of the United States.

The problem at the border and the admission of thousands of illegal immigrants

Unconstitutional vaccination requirements.

Adding to the nation’s overall debt while also attempting to impose more tax increases on those in the middle class.

Kept Insisting America should play the Global Policeman role, when the Russia-Ukraine is very much a Nato — EU ‘s affairs ..yet it digs a Big Hole in our budget and fail to save the economy

His popularity ratings have dropped to a extreme low level . There has only been one other president who reached such a low point, and he did not get there nearly as fast as this one did.

Either the population of the United States is becoming more cynical about political leaders in recent years, or our political leaders are less competent than in the past.

Let’s guess Who is the Worst President in Modern Time ?

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