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Is the Naked Emperor Causing a Train Wreck in the GOP?

Exposing the Poor Little Rich Boy's Con

By John WorthingtonPublished 15 days ago 6 min read
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I don’t understand the hullabaloo over the possibility of another Presidency by the one-who-may-not-be-named. He may be nicknamed, however. My favorite nickname so far is Don Poorelone. He's the poorest little rich boy I’ve ever seen. On the surface, he’s not anything to write home to Mom about. But with the proper marketing, that little snobby rich boy has achieved international notoriety because of his manipulation of the New York press. I get that the Murdock organization has to pump up profits. They have some pretty serious bills to pay and money doesn’t grow on trees. It might grow on titillating quasi-gossip, though. When the Don first appeared in Gotham he became a near instant media celebrity appearing with famous sports figures and anyone else he could use to promote himself.

His fame came through the little box on the wall that notices if you’re watching it and what you watch then reports it to some accountant somewhere, probably in India. The Don could pretend he was really bad guy royalty on that box. Folks all over the world imagined how important they would be when the day finally came when they could say, “You’re Fired!” They would be a big important cartoon character, just like Don Poorelone. They never knew it was all smoke and mirrors like everything on that little black box on the wall.

The Don learned his media manipulation skills from the best in the business. And he learned his lessons well. All he lacked was actual substance. Television production may not contain any mention of substance on any level of awareness. Don Poorelone’s Presidential run depends on the same elements as any self-respecting made-for-tv soap opera or horror show. If the fear the story generates resonates deeply enough in the ancestral memory people can’t look away. For some reason train wrecks have always produced such fear.

In all the long eons of the annals of fear-producing stories, there has never been a train wreck to hold the public’s collective focus for the length of time that Don Poorelone’s epic saga of self-destruction has. In some ways, the Don Poorelone story is a unique tale of depravity and karmic punishment for wasting potential. It’s a sad story. In other ways, it is a story of a rich kid mistaking the mob as being cool for their decisive management techniques. Being a kid at the time, he may have missed a couple of key elements of that power structure. One is that even though the New York variety of mob personage observable in his youth seemed to be self-governing, that personage would still have to have permission to exist from higher authorities with more age and wisdom from back in the home land. Another issue is that family probably has a different meaning in older societies like the Siciliani than the meaning of family in the Nouveau-riche circles. Not to mention, there were/are more than one family in the mob. Those folks know better than to try to do it all by themselves.

There’s another difference that may have escaped our adolescent hero. The reason there were so many Italians in the mob is because anyone dedicated to such dangerous endeavors had to be trusted to life and death depths. Italian families are populated mostly with Italians. Besides to have trust in someone, it’s best to know their grandmother. That’s easy with Italian families. I know this is a strange observation, but there are not a plethora of Poorelones in comparison to Italians in the world. Don Poorelone cannot be trusted at all and there is very little evidence that any of the Poorelone family can be trusted any more than he is. That is considered to be bad form in families as a general rule. He lies about anything and everything. Like any good liar, he mixes just enough of the truth into his lie to make the listener alternate between fact and fancy to the point of questioning if information is hovering somewhere in the ether of confusion surrounding outrageous claims and sincere proclamations of righteousness. It’s a well-considered show. It’s a clever use of smoke and mirrors, to give credit where it’s due, but it is still nothing more than a show using all manner of smoke and mirrors and nothing else. Well, a pinch or two of narcissistic bravado, maybe.

Even using the most fallacious of justifications, one can never attain to the actual emptiness of promises made only to enhance a narcissist's view of his own grandeur. Self-aggrandizement is certainly not a formula which can be trusted to calculate the direction of any country, much less the country with the world’s leading economy, military might, and international influence. However, it is just a dandy way to sell gossip rags, pump up television ratings and therefore, advertising dollars. I believe I heard that is the background for the Stormy Daniel debacle which is about to go to trial. There’s nothing wrong in this whole story until Don Poorelone pays the gossip rag to hold on to the story or they wouldn’t get as good a return on their investment in his cockamamy rich, kooky playboy-wannabe story line. He’s good for front page attention getters every day of the week and has been for the last eight years or so, right? The gossip rag is getting more than a decent return on investment. This is a story that just keeps on giving. How long can a gossip rag milk this story? My God, what if they had printed it way back when? They would have lost their investors long ago.

This episode of Don Poorelone vs. Dark Brandon has all the dramatic highlights of the last season of Lost. Weird. The plot he has proposed is not so much scary as it is just tone deaf and numb to all connections to the betterment of mankind. It isn’t even entertaining. That will not ever be a winning ticket in the United States. Americans have all kinds of crazy ideas about how things are and they’ll go along with something that’s too good to be true-until it’s no longer true. Then they sour on that thing because they thought it was something that it’s not.

A Don Poorelone repeat has nothing but bile and other nasty secretions all over it. I don’t see how some blow hard bitching about winning the biggest loser competition will help that guy win a national election. If every policy he proposes seems to be a punishment to be meted out to someone or some organization or demographic that notices that thong underwear is unbecoming an emperor, that might well say more about what his real kinks are than he wants to realize. Hell, he might as well not have any clothes on at all. But he damned sure won’t ever admit that. Emperors and Popes can apparently conjure any reality they wish. And keep those mirrors away. They’re all possessed by evil spirits.

For anyone who’s ever changed a Chevy universal joint during the winter or shot a deer for food or has a freezer in the basement or has had to max out four credit cards to make ends meet and still doesn’t have the rent which is due next Thursday, conjuring a meal at McDonald’s would constitute a major act of God. So all this stalling of court dates and bitching because he has to pay the piper like everyone else is not going to play well to someone who has recently learned that they just received too many points on their license and now their insurance rates went up again. The crazy part is no one who identifies with this set of common experiences would lie just to lie. The people who have these common experiences are honest, hard working noble people who are slow to anger. They may talk shit about nearly anything, but when push comes to shove, they will sniff out a con. Once they do, they do not demonstrate patience. But they may demonstrate what it means to be mad as Hell.

This election surely does seem to be coming down to which candidate can show respect to all citizens-but especially women citizens-because women are likely the most influential demographic which are motivated to make Don Poorelone’s presidential run null and void. It’s doubtful that the Don would get much blow back if he could respect women’s views of the reality in which we all live. Maybe if he watched Craig Ferguson late at night rather than Truthing TMI all night long. He might learn a thing or two. In lieu of that unlikely event transpiring, there really is no path out of Mar Lardo for the Don. Women will smile with lovely smiles and vote for Joe in November. That ship has already sailed, I’m afraid, but don’t mention this to the emperor. He’s all tricked out in his finest, didn’t you

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