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Impoverished Nation

by Dr. Williams 3 years ago in humanity

USA in Decline

When the Peterson Foundation sited medium incomes for 2017 they implied that Americans are earning more than in previous years. Not so. When we take a closer look into the demographics of all Americans today medium incomes don't tell the true sorry state of where this country is in. First off medium means the average based upon those earning the most and figure into the equation those who are in low income levels. Where more higher incomes come into the fold it boosts the average incomes so that we really don't realize the actual facts about the majority of workers who are faced with little or no increases in wages. For African Americas their incomes are pretty bleak. They have seen their incomes levels decrease every year for the past few years. For them the majority, not the average income is at or below the poverty level of $36,000 per year. For the rest of us whether we are Asian or Caucasian income levels for the majority have all shrunk.

In this the era of the disastrous directives from the Trump administration have made matters even worse for the majority of Americans. From imposed tariffs on goods coming from China and other parts of the world have made the cost of living skyrocket. And, as basic necessities continue to cost more while wages continue to shrink means that more and more Americans are faced with difficult decisions they really shouldn't have to make. It seems that the media as well as these Foundations like the Peterson have made us believe that basically Americans are better off today than in previous years. The fact of he matter is that we are faced with dire circumstances each and every day. The tax base for all communities has continued to decline meaning roads, schools and basically other infrastructure projects are short funded or non existent.

All around the country we see the decline in America. Sure, there are parts where the more affluent have made sure that their community is well supported. But, for the majority of Americans community after community have or are falling into disarray. For those of us who have reached the golf cart reality to many rely only on their basic Social Security incomes to cover their daily lives. And, when so many of us can't even put food on the table or pay for medicine the reality today is a far cry from what is actually being reported by the media and the Trump Administration.

As the world continues to be influenced by the drastic conditions climate change has made where mega storms keep increasing in severity and number have put not only this country but the rest of the world facing almost insurmountable costs just repair the damage. When more lives, and livelihoods are lost due to these catastrophic disasters means that more increases in the cost of goods and services continue to rise. These are just some of the facts that are either purposely omitted or non reported so that the public are oblivious to what is actually happening as to why the costs of everything continue to increase almost on a daily basis.

When the public is denied the facts, being purposely misled or in the case of our educational system being dumbing down as we have seen the future of the United States is not the picture we hoped it would be. We have seen our educational system fail our children for years. Back in the 1960s the United States led the world in educational standards. Today, we can't even crack into the top 20 industrial countries.

As disheartening as the reality of today is there are bright spots periodically coming to the forefront. Sadly thou too many of our members of Congress as well as the media ignore or under report what could actually occur if much needed reforms were put in place. And, when we fail to realize what our government has been doing for the past 157 years has made it imperative that we take a good hard look into the past to correct the policy directives that have inadvertently and systematically altered the way government has made the few minority of Americans wealthier while the majority of Americans poorer.

We had better realize before it really is too late to alter the shape of things to come. The progressive movements of today are indications that we do have a sense of responsibility to right the wrongs of injustice imposed by those who wield the reigns of power, control and wealth. Education is vital to restore the balance in our society. The inability to change is the ultimate cancer of our government and our society. The whole purpose of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation is to rid the cancer that has infested our society. The progressive movements we here about today have railed the nation behind what these ten articles entail. Will 2018 bring the changes we so desperately need or will this nation continue to fall into the abyss of despair?

Dr. Williams
Dr. Williams
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Dr. Williams

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