I Am Done with Debating

by Tyler Hall 9 months ago in opinion

It's not worth my time anymore.

I Am Done with Debating

I am done with debating with people. Be it atheists, flat earth supporters, vegans, leftists, right wing nut jobs, other Christians, non-Christians, liberals, blind conservatives, gun control advocates, gun rights supporters, holocaust deniers, or anything about the American Civil War... anyone or anything, you name it. I am just going to live my life the best I can and not worry about the opinions of other people. No matter how foolish I find their ideas or outlook on life.

We all have this inborn mentality that we all want to be right, never wrong. It's as though we want to believe we have all the answers. And unless someone does not see things the way we do, then they are misguided fools who need correction.

I have debated countless times for what I believed in. Regardless if I won or lost, one thing was for certain: At least I stood up for what I believed in. One atheist in a religious debate once complimented for my willingness to defend my Christian faith.

Even then, I had to learn there were various rules one must follow. Great care must come to never create a fallacious argument. While it was hard, I did learn the ropes and came to hone my debate skills. Another attribute anyone who debates anybody should know are the facts which back up any arguments from both sides.

While I have not always followed these rules, and I am certain many people have done so before, me, I did stand up for my beliefs no matter how one would view them. Some would say I was foolish for holding certain views. Others would stand with me and express solidarity in my view points.

However, as of late, I just do not have it in my heart to debate anyone anymore. Have I gotten frustrated with people's ignorance, or have I learned to live and let live? I do not know. My friends who have known me the longest would say I mellowed over the years. Perhaps it is a sign of maturity or age catching up with me. I remember back when I was in my early 20s, I would debate about anything at every chance I got. Now I have learned to wisely pick my battles. Some things just are not worth getting up in arms over.

It's not to say I am calling it a day. I still have that debate streak in my system. It's just now before I say anything, I conduct my research, adjust my arguments to avoid fallacies, and utilize logic and reasoning.

Maybe I should rephrase my first sentence in being: I am done debating people recklessly. Rather, I have decided to debate more wisely. Or rather, just love people even as I disagree with them. It's less stressful and not as confrontational.

Tyler Hall
Tyler Hall
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