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Hypocrisies of The Party View

The Left Vs The Right

By Kevin VianiPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

In a world of designated echo chambers, that decide your views based on left or right, sometimes an issue comes along that shows how flawed their thinking is. I used to try to make sense of what I would see in videos or on social media from these types, but I realized that there’s no point in trying to make sense of the senseless. The non-stop finger-pointing and blaming from both sides does amazing things for the leaders of the party. Knowing that at any moment, they can release a story that will spark debate, and the same ones on the same team will have the same views. Every once in a while a heated topic comes up and shows in reality their views hold no weight, and they don’t believe in what they’re saying.

Where I first saw this is with abortion. For whatever reason, the party that claims to want less government interference is all for stricter laws on abortion. Then from the other side, the ones all about my body, my choice, don’t believe that it works the same way for vaccinations. The flip-flopping has led me to many sleepless nights trying to understand both points of view.

I can understand the want to not have stricter laws for abortion, I don’t believe this world needs any more unwanted children in it. I also don’t want a world where the government is making that decision for us or arresting those who do it in states where it’s banned. My view on it is to let whoever is in the situation, come to a decision together, and leave everyone else out of it. Their body, their choice, right?

Now because of the politicization of everything, the right has been completely against the mandating of vaccines. The left since the beginning of the pandemic has been going very hard for the push of mandates. Went as far as to call people who didn’t want to get vaccinated, murderers. At one point people were having to choose between getting the jab or losing their job. What happened to my body my choice?

Let’s work this out, the left believes in bodily autonomy being a human right, except when it goes for something that they don’t agree with. The right has been pushing for less government intervention, except when it comes to problems they don’t agree with. The mental gymnastics this does to a person leads to a state of exhaustion, where you no longer know what is up and what is down.

Do people actually believe in anything these days? Or do they just want to believe that they’re on the right side of history? I would like to think one day we will look back at all this and be aware of how bizarre everyone has been, but narcissism has plagued us, and everyone has blinders on. I mean how can the same people who rioted in most cities across the country, in the name of injustice, and the broken system, be angry at those who rioted at where the laws are written and where the broken system continues to thrive.

I dream of a world where the people could realize the fight between us does nothing but give the corrupted system an upper hand. While everyone is blaming each other for the problems, the real ones causing the problems to continue. Let love lead the way, open your hearts and mind, and be the change you want to see. I know that as a human race we can do much better.

Peace and love,

Kevin Viani


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Kevin Viani

29 Years Old

Born and raised in The Bay

Currently in Washington State

Working on first album

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Believer in Humanity

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