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Hurry up

by Nefarious Darrius about a year ago in opinion · updated 5 months ago
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And wait

"Say hello to [The Capitol]!"

15JUL2021; 1635, THU

The above snapshot is a damn near perfect microcosm for living in the DMV (DC, Md, Va) area. All the lights in my path are green and clear intersections; accept for the one that I just barely got caught at.

Some of my fellow military folks might prefer the colloquialism "Standby to standby"; however, I don't really remember hearing that one back when I was in. It was always, "Hurry up and wait".

I won't lie: I've been hoping to catch a halfway decent shot of the Capitol building since I remembered that random game we used to play riding around The City back when we were Younglings and Padawans. In a nutshell: If you turn onto a street and see the place where our corruption liaisons congregate, you assess your status as winning or losing based on your proximity to the so-called hallowed halls.

I'm pretty sure that it wasn't just me and my fam who would yell at the driver and carry on when we were deemed too far away. I digress.

It's throwback THU, and also the Born Day of a couple of my fav people. Somehow, I only just now remembered to wish one of them a blessed day; but that's neither here nor there.

The reason for my writing this post is to potentially help myself ascertain how we can go from "winning" a few short decades ago, to full blown fascism (aka Losing) practically overnight? Like the COVID memes say, "I did Nazi that coming!"

Sure, the '90s gave us crack and the easily related violent crime. However, we all but completely rebounded just before the turn of the century.

Seems like each generation gets a defining and monumental challenge. If it's not the corona virus then it's the so-called war on terror, or the cocaine/AIDS epidemics.

And what do we get from the officials supposedly meant to represent and lead us besides a string of empty platitudes and outright cronyism? "I'll wait".

I'm not just referring to the Cheney and Halliburton controversy, nor the fiasco that has become a compilation of "thoughts and prayers". We legit have a group of people who have never worked a day in their lives; but feel completely justified in regulating, taxing, and/or outlawing just about every aspect of our lives!

Is the hypocrisy downright odious or perhaps just patently palpable? Like the phenomenal gospel rapper Sho Baraka said back in 2016, "maybe both!"

Cappuccino City (formerly Chocolate City) is in a peculiar position. We're too hood to be country, and too Southern for the New Yorkers that are coming down to take over.

Seeing as that last assertion put me at almost exactly 420 words, according to my iPhone's app Pages, and the fact that the entire region has legalized "chiefing" in some way, shape, or form; I gotta ask: How many people in my hometown are still locked up off the strength that they were just tryna survive and/or chillax in the appropriately named New Jim Crow era? But, we gotta be "tough on crime"; right?

Anyone available to call up their local DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) office and let them know that the 1920s era prohibition proponents called asking for the debacle of a policy back? Seriously tho, what the s*** were the feds tweaking off when they came up with the "three strikes" and "zero tolerance" laws?

We as a country are "damn near five centuries deep in cotton money", according to a 1999 song by the living legend Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def). What did the descendants of the cotton pickers get for our troubles besides strife and strenuous struggle?

It took for a man to literally be murdered on national television for us to even begin to acknowledge Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome as a country. I guess the phenomenal female rapper Noname (formerly NoName Gypsy) was on point when she alluded to the fact that nothing is "holier than Black death."

Whole time: I don't care how or why, but the supposed lawfully elected leader of these purportedly United States needs to run that check and/or end the war on drugs; and he needs to tackle those two tall orders like yesterday. America might could be doomed regardless, but damn if anyone will miss her in her present form.


Prayerfully, someone somewhere gets something pertinent (re: useful) from this post. If that somebody's you, then please think about considering a Like/Tip/Share, and/or checking out some of my other posts.

TIA (Thx In Advance). Peaceful Tidings.



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Nefarious Darrius

A Grunt that’s been stuck in traffic for the past few decades or so. From DC to Seattle & Iraq, to back in "The Swamp". Also, I Love my Progeny more than life. My Born Day: 4/20. Lastly, my apparel brand, War 'N' Tees is live! One Love.


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