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How To Be an Activist

Since some of us wish for a better world but don't fight for it.

By Jessica SmithPublished 7 years ago 3 min read
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Since a lot of us say one thing but act on another. Here's how to make a difference:

Step One: Identify your beliefs.

Do you support the idea of killing innocent people? Leaving the people who fought for your freedoms on the street to die? Do you support ignorance or education? Tax cuts for the people who need them or the people that don't? Or do you support what you're told to/what everyone around you supports without thinking for yourself? (Sheep and lemmings do not actually have legal voting rights in the US, that right is reserved for humans)

Step Two: Share your beliefs.

Educate the people around you. If there are already educated people around you, discuss with them. Listen to them. Share ideas. Build plans of action.

Step Three: Act on your beliefs.

Instead of voting based on party, no matter what the candidate says/does/promises to do, vote based on who supports your beliefs.

Candidate A:

  • Make the rich richer
  • MAGA (no plan as to how)

Candidate B:

  • Fix infrastructure
  • Fix economy
  • Fair taxes

Candidate C:

  • Education
  • Pay off debt
  • Equal rights

First off, people won't vote for Candidate B simply because of her party and the fact that it would mean *gasp* a woman president! That's unheard of! (Despite the fact that several other countries have female presidents better respected than Trump. And England has a Queen. Seriously.) Why won't most of you look at Candidate C? Because they're not A/B? And that somehow makes them worse?

Vote based on policy, not party!

Step Four: Actions speak louder than words

Go to a march. Give a demonstration. Take part in something that people will see and remember. Be part of the fight to take back our country.

Because that's the real problem. We've let all these rich people walk in and out taking all our rights, all we have, with them, and we bow and scrape and worship them as they do it. We're handing them our souls with smiles on our faces.

And now they've stolen our country.

All I'm saying is: It's time to take it back.

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If you don't speak up, who will? If not now, when? Be the leader for a few seconds or minutes and you'd be surprised who will step up beside you to add their voice to yours.

Friends telling you it's not worth it? Don't spend as much time with them. Make new friends-ones who will help you change the world rather than tell you you can't.

All it takes is a small effort every so often. You'd be amazed how it changes your worldview. Suddenly the days seem brighter--instead of seeing the future as inescapable you see a chance, a change, and yourself as a part of it, in control of it.

It's a wonderful feeling.

So stop looking at everything as beyond your control. Reach out and take the reins of your own life.

That's what activism really means. Being an active participant in your own life.

Are you ready to be active?

To make a difference? To be part of something you can be proud of in the future?

Then now is the time to start standing up and shouting for what you believe in. Make yourself heard. Even though it's hard, listen to the opposite side. Truly ask yourself those difficult questions. Answer them. And share your answers with anyone who needs them.

It's really not that complicated to be an activist. But it is scary to take those few steps and turn them into something so much bigger. The questions thrown around when talking about right and wrong get very difficult but answering them can truly improve the world.

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