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How They Divide US

by Andrew Legnani 2 years ago in opinion
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How the DNC and GOP Divide Americans against each other to prevent common cause among the working classes.

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For ages the Democrat and Republican parties have been dividing the middle class against each other. one says it’s for law and order, the other says it’s for co-operative understanding and less harsher penalties. They use the divisive rhetoric of Gun control or abortion rights issues to get us grouped into camps either for or against specific key issues. What if I was to tell you they didn’t care about those issues? What if I said those were only catalysts for you to see your fellow worker as the "other" and not as a brother or sister?

Its hard to believe and even accept that the parties that both claim in the era of trump to be for working class families actually aren’t. The sad truth behind everything is the only families they care about are the rich and powerful! If you were to look from 1980 till now you will see two trends. First is the trend that CEOs take home pay has risen 250% while the average hourly worker that they employ hasn’t risen at all! Yet inflation has steadily went up by 5% every five years as of average. Yet year after year the federal and state governments give more tax breaks to the millionaires and make loopholes even wider while raising the income tax rate on the average worker by more than 25% on a national average. All the while CEO’s and other billionaires pay nothing at all in taxes.

The take away is your elected representatives don’t represent you! Sure, they may give you some great “perks” like Obama care or strengthen social security, but at what cost? Obama ran and won on passing a healthcare for all single payer system that would have helped hundreds of millions of Americans eliminated co-pays and federalized our healthcare system so people could actually afford to get sick! Instead what we got was a bailout to the big insurance companies and a promise that they will accept people with pre existing conditions, with one caveat that people who don’t qualify for state or federal Medicare have to go on an exchange and can be charged 50 to 150 percent more for having a pre existing condition than a person who doesn’t. Raw deal you say? Too bad you have to get it or you will be additionally taxed 250 dollars per year for not having it. What about the saving of social security that John Larson did you may ask? Well my dear reader 15 years isn’t that long if you’re my age chances are you won’t get it because John and other house democrats and house republicans want to privatize it. Yes, you heard me right democrats and republicans want you Gambling with your retirement in a volatile exchange market. All the while making backroom deals with banks and other big business lobbying firms to de regulate the market and if it crashes and those dummies who put you in ever wise up to you and vote you out don’t worry; we will hire you!

Why are they like this? Simple money in politics, the amount it takes to run a campaign has grown exponentially over the years mostly because of dark money and PACs which is another topic for another day. Also, government is owned by giant corporations that can smear your name lie about you and let’s face it they don’t care! So the right and left will keep dividing you into camps, they will draw there own districts to suit themselves and to pick there parties most loyal voters to stay in and make billions of dollars for themselves all the while straight up lying to everyone that they care about “black lives” or “babies” or the worst yet they salute the troops while they send them into wars for oil, lithium, gold, and other rare earth metals. Because diplomacy is too slow why ask for a fair trade when you can kill thousands of young boys to steal what your corporate bosses need the most.

You may ask how do we stop them? Can’t we reform the parties to better reflect us the people? Short answer is no because the long answer is you can try but expect to be shut out or corrupted. The only way is if we all band together! There’s only one place I have found and that is Movement For a Peoples Party who are forming a working persons party to combat this one party monopoly you can check them out at


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Andrew Legnani

32 Year old politician and writer in the United States. I am for the peoples party and a huge advocate for any progressive policies. I also write short stories from time to time and love sharing them.

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