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How the Republican Party Just Caused Its Own Death Due To Hate

I'll gladly RSVP for that funeral, it's coming soon

By Jason ProvencioPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 5 min read
The Republican party has doomed itself through its numerous, hateful actions. Photo credit:

Don't get me wrong about being happy and optimistic that the GOP is causing its own demise. I'm goddamn furious like the rest of you sane, rational thinking, pro-women people about the overturning of Roe vs. Wade if this plays out the way it sounds like it will. I'm disgusted that America is being set back in time at least 50 years or more by the religious right and old, white, men.

But this is a temporary thing. The Republican party has essentially signed its own death warrant. They are clearly not thinking about the future and the types of voters they are alienating, with all they've done these past few years. They only care about making power moves while they control the Supreme Court.

We've seen minority voter suppression. Attacks on the LGBTQ community, most notably Florida's overtly hateful "Don't Say Gay" bill that has recently passed. And now almost 50 years later, attempting to overturn Roe vs. Wade, the landmark abortion rights provision granted by the Supreme Court.

Florida, I'll always "Say Gay" for my LGBTQ brothers and sisters. Photo credit: Pixabay

Of course, many of us saw this coming. With the rise of Donald Trump and his hateful, divisive rhetoric, overt racism, bigotry, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia during his tenure as president, things were bound to enflame.

He stacked the Supreme Court with conservative bigots faster than you could say, "Make America White Again". He has always appealed to the lowest common denominator of American citizens. A champion of the scared, paranoid, ignorant, Bible-thumping hypocritical crowd.

These are the people who are scared of America being a level playing field. They are fearful of more diverse people who often have far more intelligence, talent, kindness, and empathy taking their jobs. They scream about getting fired for not being vaccinated, yet lack the intelligence and trust of science to do what will protect them. To save their lives.

They would rather pray for safety and health. Many have taken Ivermectin, a horse medicine, to try to prevent or cure Covid-19. As we approach the grim milestone of almost 1,000,000 US deaths from Covid 19 in just over two years, you can guess which political party the majority of these deaths are affiliated with.

And it's obvious that the media they consume does a number on their common sense. Watching even a few minutes of Fox News turns my stomach. The unprofessional, inaccurate, angry rantings and ravings by their anchors fire up their demographic of viewers. They push the agenda of fear and paranoia to the point of inciting violence and hate.

This is not to say that I haven't met wonderful, talented, intelligent Republicans with good manners and zero racism or bigotry in their hearts. However, this has been the exception versus the norm. Especially during the time I've lived in Idaho.

I've also met a few horrible Democrats in this time. People can claim to be any political party and can have the propensity to be a giant bag of shit. A garbage human being. But I see trends among the two main political parties and one seems to be far more accepting, intelligent, and open to progress for ALL citizens than the other.

It is unacceptable for predominately elderly white men to legislate laws pertaining to what a woman is allowed to do regarding her own physical health. They pretend to care about babies and children, yet will do little to nothing for single mothers needing public assistance when trying to raise these unplanned children.

It should always be a woman's right to choose. The end. Photo credit: Unsplash

They care about the fetus until it is born. Then it is the mother's problem.

America is supposed to be the land of the free, the home of the brave. Equality for all, right? What's so free about other groups of people suffering? What's so brave about disliking or hating other people who have different skin colors, beliefs, or practices than you do?

Are you against equal pay for men versus women? Caucasian versus minority hirees? LGBTQ people having equal rights in terms of job hiring, housing, promotion, or anything else? Is there a reason you don't support true equality for all citizens? What's your reasoning?

We still have so much inequality in most places. You can claim that it IS equal, but you'd be wrong. You can create the narrative that all citizens have the same opportunities and chances to succeed in America, but that's not the truth. You may feel as though it is, but it's truly not.

There are currently 238 anti-LGBTQ bills in states all over the US, more right now than has ever been. Most of them target trans citizens. It's no wonder that the suicide rate is so high among the LGBTQ community, particularly trans people.

And for what? What reason is there to treat women as the inferior, weaker sex? Why are caucasian people so scared of minority citizens having equal pay, equal job opportunities, and equal basic human rights? Ditto for LGBTQ citizens? Why do Republicans seem to be so anti-ANYTHING different from themselves?

I've never seen such an angry, scared, illogical group of people before. It didn't use to be this way when I was a kid or young adult. If it was, they sure hid it better back in the 90s to 2000s. I want people to quit being so bold about being terrible to people different from themselves.

I will always fight for and vote for the best interests of my diverse family.

As the husband and father of a mixed-race Bride and children and the proud dad of a gay daughter, I personally have a lot on the line these days. The well-being and safety of my family are of paramount importance to me.

You bet your ass I'll be advocating through my writing and will be first in line to vote blue. My family and my country are far too important to trust in the hands of an archaic, backward, religiously-controlled government. I hope you'll join me and vote for a truly equal country for our future.

A better, equal America is a strong and successful America. We will never be the greatest country in the world when we are so divided against our own American brothers and sisters.

Be a decent human being, even if you're not in the minority. The marginalized groups could sure use a helping hand and amazing human beings to stand with. I'm proud to stand with anyone who's a wonderful human being.

The funeral for the GOP is one I'll gladly attend. And I hope it's soon. Put us down for five, we're RSVP-ing early.


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