Hope for the Future

by Drloud 6 months ago in energy

A Comment on the Green New Deal

Hope for the Future

We know there’s a way forward and it’s got to be green. If we don’t prepare for the future that we know is coming, we will not have a substrate to support the human race. The Green New Deal is an ambitious and forward thinking idea already meeting resistance that since the 1950s have been espoused by science. One way to appeal to those who are resisting the change of our energy policy and the change of our working citizens and healthcare it’s to show the economic incentives. Green means green is a metaphor for green technology, green thinking, and green ideas also meaning the green in greenback.

We can lead the people in the right direction by showing, not only the ideology to those who are motivated by saving the planet, but by also showing the greedy how they can capitalize on the green new deal and its economic incentives. The most affordable energy is now renewable energy. Solar power has now eclipsed coal and natural gas as the most efficient and cost-effective way to generate electrical energy without the negative environmental impacts of those fossil fuels. It is also the case that the market for renewable energy and storage has barely been realized. Even in California, the state with the most solar power deployed, it only makes up about two percent of the energy generation. There is no other investment that delivers a return on investment that’s guaranteed by engineering and can be modeled now into fifty years of production.

To add to the value of less expensive energy production, excellent return on investment, and positive environmental benefits, the alternative energy revolution will produce millions of skilled high paying jobs that will turn the economy into a juggernaut seen only in the past to fuel wars. The transition to clean green energy and a commitment to maintaining the substrate required to support our species will afford all of the social programs needed to begin to equalize the wealth gap, not only in this country but globally as well. Not only will the energy sector be bolstered but manufacturing opportunities, infrastructure synergies, and grid safety benefits will also present themselves moving forward. High paying stable jobs, training programs, and education will provide for solid long term growth.

The economics are not a subject of debate. The ludicrous debate that we are seeing, regarding climate change, is settled science challenged only by those who are fomenting division with mistruths. It is known that we must reverse our human born carbon emissions and not just tax them. The revolution is here. The methods and practices are known and the goals are achievable in the timetable required.

The challenge is motivating the population that is already hungry for change and innovation. We have the most successful and powerful society in the history of the world and the task is at hand. We have the opportunity to reshape the future and it’s very hopeful because of existing and future innovations. But it’s essential that we not only integrate the technologies the ideologies but also The very different ideas and people that make up the force that will be the change.

Change is constant and is the key. There is no way to avoid change; this simple fact will inspire, motivate and deliver the hope for the future that we need. We need to start now and we need to move fast and the free market economy is the fastest force that can deliver this global change. The hope for the future lives in an ambitious endeavor, concentrated effort, ideological interest, and economic incentive.

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