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Hear that Trump?

by Johann Hollar 4 months ago in trump

That's the sound of the karma train coming to hit you.

For four years we, the American people, have been:

Force fed your ignorance

Force fed you narcissism

Force fed your bigotry

Force fed your disgusting attitude towards women

Force fed your lies

Force fed your arrogance

Force fed your oversized ego

Force fed your bullying ways

Force fed your "my way or no way" words, when you weren't on some insane rantings.

When that wasn't enough, we had to tolerate your cowardice. You insulted the family of a fallen soldier. You mocked the late, great John McCain. You called this nation's servicemen/women "losers' and "suckers".

You ignored the warnings about Covid-19 and before even that you had Obama's pandemic response team disbanded just to spite him. Now, over 230,000 people are dead because of you.

You put children in cages. Deported families. Encouraged hate groups like the Proud Boys to attack your rivals.

4 years of Americans like myself having to put up with your utter contempt for humanity and the country because people like Maxine Waters was "mean to you" or where you ignored aid from states who needed funding for disaster relief because they were Democrat states.

We had to listen you vilify people who disagreed with you, fire people who told you were wrong and electing scum like William Barr, Mike Pompeo and Jared Kushner, because you knew they would kiss your fat, orange ass and not tell you no.

4 years of your crap because the electoral college chose to betray the country by letting you into the most important position in the country.

Now, after 4 years, it's over.

You are done as being the failure of a leader that you were. You are done with having things your way. You are done with people having to kowtow to you. You are done being able to get away with your lies.

But most importantly: you are done infecting the Oval office.

The office of the President of The United States of America is supposed to be the greatest position of power anyone can have. It is supposed to be a symbol of American greatness.

But because of you, an orange-pus-filled sack-of-crap, that office has been tainted by you and was proved by you that America was never a great country.

Well, now America and its people can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the people's voice mattered and Joe Biden will be the 46th President of United States of America and Kamala Harris as the first female Vice-President.

You lost. For once in your pathetic life, you have lost.

You deserved this loss. Your family deserved this loss. Mike Pence deserved this loss. Your lackeys deserved this loss and you supporters deserved this loss.

You could have avoided all this. You could have not run back in 2016 and you'd be fine with your self-centered lifestyle. You'd still be racist pig who would still deprive the workers of their money while sexually assaulting women.

You didn't. You let your ego get the better of you and ran and won (illegally) on a campaign of fear and hate.

4 years of your criminal wasn't a headache like the Bush Jr. years. It was a Lovecraftian nightmare.

Buts it over. For you. The people that you called scum have retaliated at the polls and they have voted you out.

You need to concede. You need to admit defeat. You need to tell your supporters that it's over.

But it's obvious you won't do that.

You still have the "never lose" mentality crap that your "father" indoctrinated you with. You still won't admit to losing the election and you still won't admit that you are a failure as a President.

You are willing to burn this country down because people like me stood up to you. You are trying to make a last-ditch attempt to rig the system in your favor by firing those who aren't loyal to. You are passing off the delusion that the system is rigged against you.

It isn't rigged against you.

We the American people stood up with one voice and with each vote we cast we delivered a unified message to you, you family, Mike Pence, your lackey's like Pompeo and Barr, and your supporters have deserved you a single message for generations to come.

"We, the American people say to you Donald John Trump: YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!!!!!".

Johann Hollar
Johann Hollar
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Johann Hollar

Other than being single and still living with his mom and sister, I have attended Minnesota State University Mankato where I received my Bachelors in History with a Minor in Philosophy.

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