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Halloween Inflatables To Turn Your Backyard Into Spooky Wonderland

Hocus-pocus sisters, Spider, Mickey Mouse, Zombie, Minion, Pumpkin, Green dragon, Witch, and Eyeball inflatables for Halloween 2022

By HomecruxPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

It's only a couple of weeks until Halloween, but planning is always a good idea. Once your wreaths are ready, you can move on to inflatables. You can set up a spooky scene in your backyard with inflatables coming in a variety of characters, shapes, and sizes.

The built-in lights of the inflatables jell perfectly with the October 31 night vibe. Here, we look at some of the coolest Halloween-themed inflatables.

Flying Ghostbusters inflatable car

Hocus-Pocus Sisters

Image: Amazon/Gemmy

This inflatable is ideal for patios, lawns, and gardens. You'll love the 4-lb air-blown inflatable hocus-pocus sisters at your Halloween party. Kids will be fascinated by the inflatable's multiple colors.


Image: Amazon/Prsildan

Faux spiders are one of the most popular inflatable during Halloween, and there's nothing better than hanging one from your porch or window. With its glowing red eyes powered by LED lights that can be turned on at night, this 6-foot long crawler is perfect for 31 October celebrations!

Singing inflatable pumpkin

Projector backlit singing pumpkins

Pumpkin backlit by Atmosfx projector screen

Mickey Mouse

Image: Gemmy

Mickey Mouse is not even remotely associated with Halloween, but an inflatable Mickey Mouse vampire is a brilliant idea for Halloween.

Baby Zombie

Image: Amazon/GOOSH Store

This inflatable baby zombie has LED bulbs inside. It is like an angry zombie baby crawling around, ready to bite.

Inflatable Minion

Image: Amazon/Gemmy

Minions are cute, and this inflatable is a great addition to your Halloween party. It's a blowup Halloween that your neighborhood kids will love.

Inflatable Halloween costume

Enter the dragon

Image: Amazon

You may be thought of China when I say dragons. However, if you want to be different from your neighbor's house, this green colored inflatable dragon will light up your house party.

Inflatable witch hugging a tree

Image: Amazon

Want to skip the DIY? Buy this inflatable witch for Halloween from Amazon instead! This witch crashing into a tree is more than an inflatable; it has an aura attached to it.


Image: Etsy/KarenWorthingtonSho

I find eyeballs creepy, but for Halloween, that's all we need. These inflatable waterproof eyeballs are cheap and made of strong waterproof fabric. They're also tear-resistant.

Towering ghost

Image: Amazon

This twelve-foot Halloween inflatable ghost can scare anyone. To make the most of it, light it up in the evening.

Inflatables octopus with pumpkin hanging from its tentacle

Image: Amazon

An inflatable Octopus is a scary Halloween decoration. It's 146 inches (3.71 m) long, 74 inches (1.88 m) wide, and 67 inches (1.7 m) tall. It's a little expensive, but (available on Amazon) I recommend you buy it to add fun to your Halloween celebration.

Grim reaper that inflates your soul

Image: Amazon

What can be more scary than death? This inflatable is an excellent addition to your Halloween decorations. It's scary and equally fascinating at the same time.

Monster Archway

Image: Wayfair

This giant inflatable will turn your Halloween party into an unforgettable experience this year. It comes with a powerful fan that inflates it in less than a minute, so you don't have to waste time blowing up balloons or struggling with tangled air hoses. Put this monster mouth on display outside your front door and watch as guests try not to scream when they walk inside. ;)

Ghost jumping out from inside a pumpkin

Image: Walmart

This inflatable is creepy and hilarious. Three ghosts jumping out of an inflatable pumpkin is a perfect scene for Halloween. You can use it to welcome guests at your front gate, or lay it down in the porch area. It is currently available on Walmart store.

Long Carriage Inflatable

Image: Amazon

I saved this entry for the last on purpose. This inflatable is perfect for Halloween and comes with all the extras you need to make it work: extended cords, ground stakes, fastened ropes—even built-in sandbags! Its bright LED lights can change color and intensity depending on how strong or gentle wind blows across them.


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