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Making Door & Window Wreaths (Ideas for Halloween 2022)

Spider, raven, bugs, snakes, rats, and cat themed wreaths

By HomecruxPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Halloween wreath ideas for 2022

There are many reasons to love Halloween. For me, it's the time of the year to decorate our homes in the scariest way possible. Making your own Halloween wreath is fun and easy.

This year, create something truly unique and special for your home by following these DIY ideas.

Wreaths Inspired by Spiders

What are some ways you can incorporate spiders into Halloween decorations? You can make this easy DIY spider wreath by following these steps. Get a white berry wreath from a craft store, some spiders of various sizes, and a fake spider web. Install the crawling creature all over the wreath and drape it with a spider web.

Image: Pink Peppermint Design

Spider Wreath

A yarn wreath and a Styrofoam wreath are essential for this Halloween craft. Make a circular base by wrapping black yarn around it.

Image: 30 Minute Crafts

Spider clinging to wire mesh

As the name suggests, this wreath looks like a swarm of spiders clinging to wire mesh.

Image: Just Crafty Enough

Yarn ball wreath

Put foam balls in wreath form. Wrap them in orange and black yarn and glue to the wreath. Your wreath will be the envy of everyone in the neighborhood.

Image: Pretty Providence

Take a wreath form and a few foam balls. Wrap them both in orange and black yarn and glue to the wreath. One of these yarns can also be used to create a spider. The spider legs can be made from half-cut pipe cleaners. Glue it onto your wreath, and it’s ready to decorate the front door.

Raven Halloween wreath

Image: Halloween Culture

The Black Raven DIY Halloween wreath is an elegant Halloween decoration with a creepy element.

Burlap Raven Wreath

This wreath is made from black burlap and a stuffed raven. Decorate your wreath with a fake raven and wrap the strips of burlap around it. Don't worry about the stuff you need; you'll find them easily at your local craft store.

Image: Embellish

Raven wreath wrapped in colored bandana

Image: Crafts n Coffee

For this Halloween wreath, cut a bandana into thin strips and wrap it around a foam wreath. Glue fake raven and flowers to it and your wreath is ready.

Raven attached to a wood frame

Image: @4onemoreDIY

This Halloween raven wreath can be made from upcycled items. Branches from a tree, a fake raven, and a round wooden frame are all you'll need.

Newspaper pages attached to styrofoam wreath

Image: Gwen Moss

Why not make a Halloween wreath out of an old newspaper? Put rolled newspaper pages on a Styrofoam wreath and glue them on. Finally, add a raven from Etsy to achieve the creepy look.

Plastic Bug Wreath

A French bow layered with orange ribbon is a great way to decorate a styrofoam wreath with plastic bugs. This is a simple, last-minute Halloween crafts that anyone can do.

Snake Halloween Wreath

Image: Rosemary on the TV

Creepy and easy to make, this Halloween snake wreath is a must-make for Halloween. You will need a grapevine wreath, black spray paint, and plastic snakes of different sizes. To make the wreath look creepy, spray paint the base wreath and snakes black.

Rat Wreath

Image: Dream a Little Bigger

This DIY rat Halloween wreath is enough to give you murophobia. Before gluing the plastic rats, spray paint the wreath black and add cobwebs.

Cat Wreath

Image: Shaken Together Life

Black cats are cute, but they're also steeped in superstition, making them perfect Halloween decor. With jack-o-lanterns, small pumpkins, and candles, this DIY cat Halloween wreath will look great.

Cute crocheted cat Halloween wreath

Image: Repeat Crafter Me

It's a combination of crochet and other crafty elements, such as embroidery and cross-stitch. The wreath will be made from round foam, covered with crocheted strips, and decorated with crocheted cats and spiders. To DIY, you can read step-by-step instructions here.

Grapevine bat wreath

Image: Made in a Day

Get a grapevine wreath, paint it with your favorite color and fix the bats to its twigs.


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