Gun Violence

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Rhetorical Situation

Gun Violence

Over the years, innocent lives have been taken by bullets. Although, death by gun is not the number one cause of death. Gun violence is still an issue. That is why I have chosen to analyze the rhetorical situation within two videos, Brave New Voices “Shots Fired” and Sandy Hook Promise: Gun Violence Warning Signs. By appealing to pathos, ethos, and kairos both videos claim that gun violence is an unexpected encounter that can be prevented.

In 2014 at the Brave New Voices Finals the Los Angeles Team said a powerful poem called “Shots Fired”. Brave New Voices is an event by the organization Youth Speaks, which is a spoken word, education, and youth development program. The purpose of the Los Angeles Team’s performance was to make people aware of the innocent lives taken by gun violence. However, the poem was meant for the people with guns and the people that have lost a loved one to bullets.

The appeal that is utilized the most in the Sandy Hook Promise video is kairos. The video uses this appeal, because of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The author also uses pathos in the video. In the beginning, the music played makes the audience feel calm and the actions portrayed makes them feel curious enough to keep watch. However, towards the end the video overwhelms the audience with a sense of shock and sadness. Using both of these appeals the Sandy Hook Promise hopes to persuade the viewer to help prevent gun violence, by recognizing the warning signs.

The rhetorical appeal used most in the Brave New Voices video is pathos. The sense of sorrow demonstrated in the video can make the audience feel sad. The words said throughout performance, as well as the tone of their voices, really reels the audience in. In which, pathos is used throughout the poem. Ethos is also used throughout the video. Each person states a name of one on the victims of a shooting, which as a big impact on the audience. The Los Angeles team of the Brave New Voices Final used these appeals to inform the audience of the lives taken by gun violence.

In 2016 Sandy Hook Promise made a video named “Gun Violence Warning Signs” to prevent shootings. Sandy Hook Promise is an organization that help to prevent gun violence, it was made after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. The motivation of the video was the shooting that happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary school, in Newtown, Connecticut. The video was meant for the people, to emphasize the signs of gun violence. However, the targeted audience was the student, teacher, staff, and parents at Sandy Hook Elementary.

In conclusion, both videos use pathos to grab the audience's attention. Sandy Hook uses kairos to inform the viewer of the shooting event, while Brave New Voices uses ethos to inform them of the lives taken. Both the Sandy Hook Promise and the Brave New Voices Los Angeles Team videos used the rhetorical appeals and situation help prevent and stop gun violence.

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Kay M
Kay M
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