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Goodbye Trump

by Anthony Terry about a year ago in trump
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Thanks for your four years

Goodbye Trump
Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Dear Trump,

Let's start this letter by thanking you for what you have done with your four years as the office of the President of the United States of America. You don't get any of the credit you deserve. And the media continues to drag your name through the mud. You have done so much for our country but it seems everybody could care less. Our economy is booming and has never been stronger. You were blamed for the stock market crash last year but we were in the midst of a pandemic and no one could have prevented what happened. Even though the pandemic is not over the stock market is back to soaring before you leave the office of the President of the United States of America. You have been labeled as a racist and yet the unemployment for minorities has never been lower than what it was before the pandemic where people lost their jobs in large amounts. Thank you for working to make the American people thrive by bringing jobs to America and not driving them away. I will never understand why these past few weeks you have been under attack by big tech after all you did for them. People hated you for your support towards large corporations now everyone stands with them to be against you. I hope as Americans we can learn to admit when someone from an opposite standpoint from us does something that is good. I am tired of America's two-party system which yes you did play a part in so you have become part of the problem. But you also disrupted this system by saying what you think and not caring about the normality of politics.

I know I have a very unpopular view when it comes to you. However, I do not think you were perfect, in fact, you had many flaws I would like to address. I wish you would have kept your mouth shut a lot more than you did while in office. Twitter got you in a lot of trouble by the way you said things online. You could have avoided many controversies if you would have just set down your phone before hitting send on that new tweet. You said some very stupid and arrogant things that drove people farther from you and farther from each other. You had the chance to unite America but as we can see that did not happen because you let your pride get in the way. You did accomplish many of the things you said you would as president yet you failed at your promise to defund Planned Parenthood that has taken more lives than the coronavirus has. I as a taxpayer don't want my money being wasted on ending innocent lives. You also could have prevented big tech from becoming the all-powerful "god" it has become today but instead, you sat back and watch it grow while giving the beast tax breaks to help them dwell more in their insane amounts of wealth. You could have made people feel safe but instead, you mocked those on the other side and drove them farther from you. You should have done more to protect our democracy at the capital building the other day. You could have handled the riots with more authority than you did. But at the end of the day, you are just human and we all make mistakes but that is not an excuse.

With that said I have one thing I would ask you as the inauguration comes. Please attend. Please be there and show your support for our next president. Sit down with Biden and make this a smooth easy transition of power. Do not act like a child and make things more difficult than they have to be. The American people voted and Biden won please Donald Trump accept that and set an example for the generations to come and show them how transitions of power should go.


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Anthony Terry

I am a musician and own a small indie label. Writing is the best way for me to express myself. I struggle to explain how I feel in person but when I write I find it easier to figure out what is happening inside my head.

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