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Why Care about pleasing those who obviously do not care about pleasing You!!


The year 2016, the year this wild and many times obnoxious ride began.. It was in 2016, we learned that a long time business mogul and political loud mouth would seek the presidency of these states united.. We learned of a woman, who also sought the same position. A woman who couldn’t make a dog cum, even if Lola bunny gave him a head start.. It was also the year, I EDB, decided to put my hate into the community activism system. It was time I thought, I could make an impact, both socially and economically in my city of Norfolk Virginia..

To call the next four years a season of insanity, to me does it both a disservice, and spits in the face of insanity. Nonetheless, it was a season of new experiences. I met people I would have never met, and done things, I would probably have never done, and also received headaches I swear i never want again. As a content creator, I have been fortunate to both do, and see tremendous amounts of awesomeness. My hope was to share these experiences with a society of people who more than likely were clueless of these opportunities existing. It was here I coined this vision statement. “Providing Access to Opportunities people didn’t know existed or didn’t think was for them!!”

My Hypothesis was to show how using the internet we could build a sustainable, and more knowledgeable society. Secondly I sought ways to balance to pendulum here in Norfolk, by seeking to ensure the east had the same opportunities as the west. For years I was told, and even in many cases experienced to deprivation both socially, and economically in Norfolk. I was always lead to believe, the reason was the west in building Norfolk, fixed it so the city would function, and operate from within its geographical borders, and the only way for anyone who wasn’t within its circle could succeed, was to well find a way in the circle..

Logically this looks bias Asf, yet the city of Norfolk claims, and on paper looks to be a super liberal municipality. I thought I would test their claims, arguing if we are the true land of inclusion, the books record us as, then why not fix some of these issues that obviously divide us.. (1) Why does the east have to go to the west in order to prosper? Meaning why all the creative, social, sporting, etc seeming locked inside the grasp of elites, mostly white? Why does it seem, the only why people of color can advance in this town, is by joining, or agreeing with white America? We are seemingly allowed in, but never allowed to own or operate ourselves.. We can have soup kitchens, GED programs, Criminal Justice opportunities, Job fairs featuring, WALMART, TARGET, KFC, AND BURGER KING, but the west can have The NEON FESTIVAL, The SHOCKLEY GARDENS ART SHOW, Harbor Fest, and the list continues.

I set out thinking, this was something we could fix. Yes it was racist, bias, discriminatory, and all other points we could add but those persons were gone. I like to think, this new breed of leadership was different, that they would see these struggles, springing swiftly into action. May I tell you, there is no greater pain than being kicked in the gut with reality? There is no greater hurt than having the wind sharply knocked right out of you. Now let me not just beat up white people here. I know its very popular to accuse them of being the evil one these days, but the fact of the matter is, not all of them are to blame. There are some, who love people, not because of their skin color, or because they feel socially they have too. But they’re just drawn to them. But then we have those who are simply in it to prove they are the savor of all mankind. As you watch it becomes obvious, these believe they’re know it all, they have the answer, and either you listen to them, or just be stupid. Those are the ones I encountered the most, as I crossed the proverbial line of separation. Those were the people who first looked at me as fresh meat, a tool to strength their agenda, only to conclude I was worthless, a liability, a dangerous individual that must be silenced. As much as I would like to sit here and continue this presentation, I recognize many have stopped reading, as I am tired of writing it.. In a chat with someone Sunday, he stated 98 percent of the world is drawn to drama.. They live for the bull 💩💩, love the fight, they only know how to provide commentary on the ignorance of the day, where as 2 percent wake up every morning focused on how to make themselves better. How to grow their business, excel at their craft, which allows them to define and succeed at their lives.

I have struggled in misery these last few months; beginning 2020 with a positive hope, realizing somewhere down the road I would have to make a decision I don’t wish to make. There are a ton of good people in this town many I have had the privilege of sitting with, working with, even struggling with. AND then we have those I have grown to professionally, and borderline personally despise. Nothing would make me happier than to spit at em, proving they aren’t the bad asses they think they are. There is a huge part of me, who would love to kick these persons teeth in just on general principle, but I realize even then they’ll still be jackasses. So this is not EDB taking the high road. I wouldn’t dare insult you with such a hypocritical ton, but this is EDB recognizing I am better than this horse 💩💩 I’ve been allowing myself to play in... Political people are going to do what they want, and people will as well, but I am now in search of that two percent. That group of folks who determined to do whatever it takes to make their world better... That two percent are the ones who don’t sleep, who don’t take their eyes off the ball. They are the ones the 98 percent unknowingly bow too, because this small percent has masterfully, and methodically wrapped the world tightly within its grasp.

We now live in the greatest time of our lives.. No longer is it about who you know, its now about how hard are you willing to go, and now the next chapter is about proving that very point.. So This is Goodbye.. At this point the plan is not to leave Norfolk, but I am also not directly participating in it any longer. I will continue to do my personal projects, having some community components, but I will NO LONGER, connect, or JOIN organizations, except for those who serve my agenda ONLY... I can hear someone now, as I struggle to finish this note. I hear them screaming.. YOU DON’T WANNA SEND THIS, because you don’t wanna HURT PEOPLE.. You don’t wanna HURT PEOPLE, who could give two 💩💩 IF YOU ARE HURT... EDB that is so SMART...

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