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Fulfillment in Following Judicial Cases

An Appreciation for the Supreme Court of America

By Anna TurnitsaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Fulfillment in Following Judicial Cases
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I'm most passionate about bringing knowledge and understanding involving the American justice system, law, and the cases brought before it to the public. Following court cases brings me true fulfillment, and people follow me because I create discourse around justice instead of politics. I can monetize from my passion by integrating my articles with membership business software. In addition to content about what is happening with and in the judicial system, my followers will receive a free digital copy of commonly used legal terms and a diagram of the court tiers.

I became passionate about the law and the legal system when my human and civil rights were violated - first as an employee, then, as a student, and finally as a patient. I'm not nor ever have been a student of law. Nevertheless, I learned about the judicial branch through the study of political science at a local community college. The judicial branch was implemented by the founders of The Constitution to function with the other two governmental branches, creating a check and balance system. That is, the three branches work together to prevent one another from straying too far from and reason and logic or becoming too powerful.

Since there are numerous law niches, states, and courts, I intend to focus mainly upon cases brought before the United States Supreme Court. A small number of cases are chosen, from the many cases sent up for review, by the Supreme Court because they either have national significance or the potential for a new precedent.

I've chosen to write about the judicial branch of government because it gives me a feeling of order and certainty during these turbulent political times whether from among the people or within the legislative and executive branches. I'm taking on this writing niche because when I read a legal document, I'm reminded of technical manuals and exclusivity. Still, I feel that the cost of gaining a legal education adds to the perception of law being an exclusive niche. I am confident that I can add a style and voice that makes reading about judicial happenings more enjoyable and inviting to the general public.

Following the judicial branch may not be as engaging as selecting and associating with a political party that holds views on important issues related to a safe and peaceful living environment, yet it holds those that transgress upon what has been set forth as right behavior for a safe and peaceful community accountable through monetary compensation, the serving of time in a prison, or both. Consuming content related to the courts is a better outlet for revenge and retribution than forming cults or gangs because political parties and government leaders strive to become more powerful by taking away the rights and liberties of the people and disregarding The Constitution.

There's a good reason why the founders of The Constitution made the elected term of the Supreme Court Justices for life. Having an elected life term prevents them from being persuaded by outside influences into losing their career. Unlike the influence that corporations, industries, and organizations can have in persuading government leaders to lean towards advantages for them versus the constituents.

To this end, it would be beneficial to invite the public to be more aware of the happenings and workings of the judicial system versus identifying with a political party. I want to create conversation around a review of court cases using membership business software because the major source of legal news is in college law review journals or searches through the court systems' websites. I want to allow people to feel that having an education is not a requirement of reading, learning, and forming an opinion about law and the courts.

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Anna Turnitsa

My educational background beyond the traditional, public schools includes an Associate of Mechanical Drafting and a Bachelor of Psychology. After being a numbers person for half my life, unfortunate circumstances put me on a fine arts path.

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