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America's Disregarded Gift

The patron saint Virgin Mary

By AnnaT@violetPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
(photograph by Maria Oswalt from Upsplash)

The Virgin Mary is the patron saint of The United States of America. She was most likely chosen by the Catholic bishops because America welcomed people from other countries who wanted to move away from the devastation of war and persecution. America was like a mother comforting the griefs and sorrows of lost children. America offered hope for a better life and still does to those needing refuge. Yet, American leaders have lost sight of this compassion and generosity. Society is ignorant about the the dreams and plight of their ancestors.

My mother was brought to America as a baby by my grandparents who fled the terror of communism. I have not forgot how blessed I am to be living in this spoiled Nation. If the saint Virgin Mary turned her eyes of mercy towards America, the majority would not care. They would worship their elected leaders for having enacted the right laws, created the right policies, and made the right decisions.

This is not a flawed attitude for the majority to have. If the majority were satisfied and content with their politics and lives, they would either ignore the minorities or treat them with more respect. I once thought I was part of the majority, yet they taught me otherwise through discrimination. I don't mind that I'm a minority within society. It is however difficult to earn an honest living. I am white. I am an American. I am heterosexual. Yet, I am a woman.

When the patron Saint hears the exiled cry out for justice to the heavens, may she turn her gaze their way. When she hears their mourning and weeping, may the gracious advocate petition on their behalf. As a survivor of psychiatric ward stigma and workplace discrimination, I would never wish these experiences upon anyone. This is why I feel passionately about those who've been persecuted, discriminated against, and stigmatized.

I'm not religious. I don't hold a degree in theology. I don't belong to a church. I was introduced to the Virgin Mary through a gift from my Catholic grandmother after she passed on. From then on, I have appreciated the many personalities that have existed. I don't believe the Saints care who one is if they are petitioned and sought. In fact, it is my belief that they want to assist those seeking relief from sin whether enacted upon them by others or enacted by one's own choices. Who has the authority to judge another because of race, sex, or religion? Who, but the Saints are sinless? For they once roamed this Earth just like you and me.

America can be great again through the acceptance and recognition of her roots. The roots of being a haven for many nationalities seeking freedom from the chains of oppression. Americans are their own enemy. A nationality torn from within by crime, exploitation, and pride. I have faith that America can recover even if she has to fail first. Failure only means that people and governments have discovered what doesn't work. In fact, failure is how we learn and find solutions. We all crawled and fell down before we could walk. We all make poor choices and mistakes.

All in all, America is privileged to have been gifted the patron saint Virgin Mary. She is a beacon of hope for the downtrodden and weary whether they are aware of her or not. She is a symbol of compassion and strength for the leaders of the Nation whether they know it or not. America can be great again even if failure is the first step, and if America is lucky her disregarded gift will have mercy.


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I like writing poetry, memoir, and fiction. If I had to pick a favorite animal, I‘d choose the swan. I have degrees in both mechanical drafting and psychology. My interests go from philosophy and music to theology. 🪷

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