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By Samir M GoradiaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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They say that diplomacy is war by other means.

When individuals, groups, or nations each have different notions about their relative self-worth, and cannot arrive at an agreement, the dispute tends to be resolved by force.

So, the question is, can human society reduce the need for warfare by agreeing to a system for fairly adjudicating disputes.

Let's start with the simplest type of question faced by societies: two men in competition for resources (most usually, the love of a woman). Lets also assume that women in general agree that the competition should be won by "the better man."

Of course, there are additional variable required. There is a difference beween carnal knowledge and spiritual connection. If a woman is seeking a strictly physical bond, she is the best arbiter of who she wants to be with, and generally speaking, little outside evaluation is required.

Yet, technology could, even in that instance, be useful. Two men of similar outward appearances could still have different relevant health status, such as cardio-vascular strength, etc.

Also, we must consider other invisible factors. One such factor would be "maturation" level/ The simplest example is that girls and boys are typically not even ready for relationships until the age of "puberty". There are further developmental stages, of course, beyond puberty.

Here, I refer to the basic process where a child is born, begins to crawl, then begins to walk, etc.

Every stage of human development can easily be catalogued to see where an individual stands at a moment in time.

If the two adversaries agree on this universal scale, the dispute should easily be resolved.

Sometimes, the problem is the feeling of humiliation and catastrophe by the losing party.

In truth, in our modern era, there should be no "final" defeat. At the very least, we understand the eternal existence of our souls, and the possibility of another chance in a new lifetime, even on a distant planet.

Everyone can easily go back to the books, and fill in where they fell short.

Unfortunately, due to current circumstances, with Covid19, war, and elections, these systems are not yet in place. A lot that is happening today still involves resolution of disputes over recent of historical events; in some estimation, for the purpose of transition to a new astrological age for planet earth.

However, modern computer technology can certainly be developed now to catalogue the steps of male and female human development, to see where an individual's psychological development status is in a moment in time.

With all the recent disasters locally here in Bakersfield, California, some of us gather in underground coffee shops late into the morning to discuss how we can rebuild our civil society when the current conflict and pandemic come to an end.

These young new intelligentsia, trying to break off from the drudgery of predictable protests and counter-protests, now look to the textbooks for creative ways to fairly rebuild a civil society.

They argue over the angst of having to choose between Democrat and Republican, Black and White, China and Taiwan, Socialism and Capitalism.

They tend to agree that the real problem is not money or wealth ownership of property, but the ownership of people. We know that, in western society for example, ownership of people began with the ownership of women. Then children. Then workers, even Moses and the Israelites.

Why would this be a problem? We have observed these types of legal ties have led to domestic violence, child abuse, and restrictions on future relationships due to extended divorce proceedings.

The real philosophical problem both for our Capitalist economic system, and for intellectuals, is whether there would any need for private property ownership if it did not not include the ownership of people.

Perhaps before resolving in our public arena whether Capitalism or Socialism is a better system, we need to eradicate by law ALL legal forms of ownership of people.

This type of important exercise of the intelligentsia has energized the younger gerneration with the hope that we as a world community can conclude this age in earth history with real progress.

What drives this new energy? Perhaps the leadership ranks of modern political, racial, and cultural wars have been filled. Some of the braintrust of these wars, considered valuable but unfit to lead the movement; and of course, having some associated bitterness, are ready to strike off into their own subgroups and conversation dialectic spaces, to develop these visions for modern human development.


About the Creator

Samir M Goradia

Samir Goradia grew up in Queens, New York, and attended The Bronx High School of Science/

He resides in Bakersfield, California, where he is involved in the transition to Commercial Space Travel; and also disaster relief with FEMA.

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