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Five Things Government Shouldn't Have Gotten Involved In

With everything going on in the country, imagine how it would be if Washington stayed out of the affairs of its people until they were actually needed, then did their jobs.

By Jason Ray Morton Published 12 months ago 3 min read
Five Things Government Shouldn't Have Gotten Involved In
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A lot is going on around us, and it’s pretty sickening at times. From one day to the next, we don’t know what is happening to our country. The animals (our politicians) are running the asylum into the ground. Nothing could be less obvious by all the fear, worry, and anger that is building up in our country.

Yet, what are they doing about the problems? Not a lot has become a common answer. Inflation is still a very serious problem affecting American and it’s as contagious as covid, it’s spread around the world. The borders aren’t secure, and our leaders on one side of the aisle lie, despite the burgeoning number of detentions and reports by border agents from the front line in that debacle. We still have a serious issue going on over the abortion debate. And then, there’s the looming recession that they don’t want to admit. Did anyone else notice gas prices shooting back upwards again? If you left your house to go to work, or run errands, and didn’t notice the 30, 40, 50 cents, or bigger spike since yesterday, then you were spared the disgust.

Politicians continually get things wrong. But, we can help. We can tell them where to stick their noses and where not to stick their noses.

Abortion — since June this has been a hot-button issue that some democrats believe will get them elected if they appear to fight for “reproductive rights.” How are abortions considered reproductive rights? Reproductive right is a horrible phrase for the abortion issue. Nevertheless, politicians have no business in this issue. This should be between a doctor and their patient.

Remember The Disinformation Governance Board, speech and thought police.— the disbanded board was disbanded because people saw through the attempt by the government to police information that they considered to be misleading. Wrong answer Mr. President. There’s a little thing about the constitution called freedom of speech. It is what separates us from other countries. Policing information on the internet, or in media, is akin to censorship. Forming the board with a die-hard liberal at the helm was just stupid. Educate with some truth, some transparency, and some sincerity behind your message, and let the people of the country decide for themselves.

Student Loan Forgiveness — This has caused more grief than it’s worth. It was a pure and simple way to pander to the socialist agenda. As we’ve seen, it already is creating a headache for the administration. What really happened was a sneaky way of redistributing wealth to gain much-needed votes, and it was a mistake.

How to handle hurricane recovery — write the checks, Madam Vice President, and make it available for all. Anything else is simply unacceptable if this country is going to stand for equal treatment for all. Your statement about working to make sure hurricane recovery considered “equity” was appalling to many, and for a good reason. In a time of crisis, considering political buzzwords and political agendas should be off the table and all of America doing what it can to help the storm-ravaged state of Florida should be her only concern.

American, every day, lives — You’re elected! You’ve got all that power! You promised to act in the best interest of the American people… Yet, you constantly fail to know what’s in the best interest of the American people. Why not let people decide what is in their best interest? Then, if you want to do something to help stay in the office, support that. Stay out of our doctor's offices, our churches, our marriages, our personal responsibilities, and see what the American people might be capable of.

What’s Government Supposed To Be For

Not what we’ve seen in the past year or two. The idea of the thought police out of the group that used to represent liberal ideas was a stunner. Hearing the president babble about things that aren’t true is always entertaining, like that there’s no recession even though millions of citizens are seeing one in its infancy. Having control over things like medical procedures with no concept of what those women are going through when they’re expecting, is ridiculous!

Worst of all, considering what Kamala Harris insinuated about relief funds for Hurrican Ian survivors, having anyone in Washington D.C. that doesn’t see that all Americans need to be treated equally, regardless of history, color, sex, race, or financial status, is appalling.

To sum up, the Politicians in Washington really need a broom. This country’s a damned mess.

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