Feelings Trump Death

by Edward Anderson 11 months ago in president

Donald Trump insinuates his feelings of betrayal supersede John McCain's death.

Feelings Trump Death

In the planning stages, this was going to be a satirical article about Donald Trump and how Senator John McCain hurt his feelings. Yet, during the course of research, it became evident that the premise of the article was real and true. In a press conference, Trump admitted that his continued attacks on the beloved, late senator are because McCain hurt his feelings and 'betrayed' him. It's like an article from The Onion has come to life and running the country or pretending to.

The first time Trump attacked his fellow Republican was bee was even a true contender for the nomination for President, "He's not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren't captured." At the time, Republicans were quick to condemn Trump and let him know that McCain's service to our country made him a hero. Many felt it was the likely end to the candidacy of Trump.

That was then and this is now. Now that the Oval Office belongs to Trump, most Republicans are happy to go along with whatever it's occupant has to say. They lost their backbone, but maybe they'll find it again with recent comments made by Trump. At a press conference, Trump was asked about his Twitter attacks on McCain. His response is telling, "I was never a fan of John McCain and I never will be." No matter the senator is not here to defend himself, and the rhetoric is empowering Trump's supporters to bully and threaten the McCain family. Trump does not like him and that's all that matters.

So what the latest round of insults being hurled at McCain? Trump feels betrayed by McCain's ObamaCare vote. Yes, a vote that happened almost two years ago is the thorn in his side. If there's something that everyone has to give the man, it's his ability to hold onto a grudge. it is truly a feat to be mad at someone who can't respond to insults or engage with anymore.

Even outliving the Senator, Trump is still mad that he wasn't able to take away healthcare from the very people he convinced to vote for him. Of course, the Presidency for Trump isn't about doing what's best for the nation, it's about doing what's best for Trump. His attacks on the media who reports stories he doesn't like (fake news), anyone who dares run for President against him (including Republicans), and in the case of McCain, anyone who opposes his agenda because it's not good for the country, prove he is not above weaponizing and using the power of the office to get what he wants.

At least in the cases of Senator Chuck Schumer (Cryin' Chuck) and (Crooked) Hillary Clinton, they can and often do fight back. Neither of them are afraid of what he might do because outside of bellyaching about his "unfair" treatment, all he'll do is cry on Twitter and rile up his base. That's what these tantrums amount to when looked at under a microscope. And he essentially said it when asked about the McCain attacks, his feelings were hurt that someone dared oppose him. No thought is given to what is best for the country, or for that matter what might work better for someone else. The goal of this Presidency was to undo everything Obama did and McCain's vote took that away from him. Sure, a court could strike down the law but it will be a shallow victory for Trump. He wanted to personally dismantle Obama's legacy.

Or in other words, his feelings trump everything else.

Edward Anderson
Edward Anderson
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