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FBI Charges Biden After Finding the 2020 Election in His Corvette Stingray’s Frunk

When reality is trumped by belief

By John WorthingtonPublished 16 days ago 6 min read
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I think the most offensive part of the pall that wafts around He-Who-May-Not-Be-Named is the astounding arrogance with which ignorance is displayed. That one trait seems to be a necessary ingredient in all of the issues on the MAGA agenda. Belief takes precedence over reality. It’s as though if something is believed it is more real than something that is actually real. The prime example is the belief that the 2020 election was stolen and stashed in the trunk of Dark Brandon’s Stingray along with umpity-thousand classified documents. Anyone is free to believe what they wish concerning those votes and those documents. Mix and match, no rules required for this one. But that cannot be an accurate picture of reality no matter what set of beliefs is employed. Everyone knows that the trunk of a Stingray doesn’t have that much room. Cripes, it barely has enough room for groceries even when you include the frunk.

CrossFit Karen vs Everyone With a Modicum of Common Sense

The frightening part of that whole belief in alternate realities is amply illustrated by the sweetest little ole Peach Georgia has ever produced, CrossFit Karen. Those of you who follow these fantasy tales will remember that the last time we checked in on our fit and feisty Ms. Karen, she was threatening MagaMike with those nine league knee-high boots she wears. Well, she up and did it. Yep. She moved to vacate the chair and promptly did the cutest face plant you ever did see. Splat! Right there on the floor of the Congress. I don’t really think she sees the same reality that you and I do, poor thing. She hears voices, is what they say. It would be a relief if she really does hear voices because at least then when she talks crazy shit it could be chalked up to the voices.

Well, I guess she actually is hearing voices these days, mostly Republican voices saying things like, “What in the hell is wrong with you??? Don’t you know we’re in a fight for our political life thanks to your fucking Orange Jesus and his ‘Make America Great Again’ bullshit? How do you think he’s going to do that? By guaranteeing that for the next 12 years we’ll all enjoy a Jeffries Speakership? And you want to reenact that McCarthy disaster? Christ! We wouldn’t have a new Speaker before the election and after the election we’d all be looking for gainful employment. You ready to go back to watching gym bros do their best to pick up their gym crushes on cctv?” I think I may have paraphrased that a little, but you get the idea. The right side of the Right’s big tent has fallen from grace as far as the lefter side of the Right’s big tent is concerned. You know what they say. A party divided against itself can’t pass a damned thing in two years. Unless you count a law that prohibits people who are not citizens from voting. That law is apparently a backup to a law that already prohibits anyone at all who is not a citizen of the United States from voting. It does not prohibit Republicans from voting twice, though. Neither does the new and improved version.

Alternate Reality: A Fancy Name for a Lie

That’s kind of the long and the short of it. That rightest side of the Big Old Republican Tent has broken free of the confines of reality and have become entranced by the glory of themselves as reflected in that dark window that defines the chasm between fact and fiction. Somewhere along their journey toward greatness they fell prey to the seduction of the instant gratification which is derived from an overestimation of personal power. They forgot (or missed entirely) that greatness lives quietly within those who will be required to rise to that station. It is not ever broadcast from the rooftops or claimed in braggadocious Truths posted in the middle of the night when sleep cannot come to a mind troubled by Malfeasance. Too many of the present crop of Republican luminaries have become Icarusarians in futile attempts to ape the blatant rebellion required to bridge the legal black hole the Believer in Chief has created as personal protection. Oh my. Yo, Republican dudes and dudettes, black holes suck everything into them. No wonder y’all experiencing that sinking sensation.

Like Captain said in Cool Hand Luke, what we’ve got here is failure to communicate. The Republican agenda, if we could assume that the party is unified enough to call what they’re going for as though it were an item on an agenda, cannot be characterized as Democratic solutions to societal needs but rather as prescribed remedies that the citizenry will ingest, by God! Not by law, but by God. And keep those anti-Christian vaccines away from me. God will protect me. It kind of makes sense, they are clearly the self-anointed spokespersons for God. Even so, it does not appear that the MAGAest of the Freedom Circus can accomplish much more than amusing prat falls which pretty much prevents them from being accused of serious attempts to actually govern. More importantly, it gives them a back door to escape the grown-up activity of understanding a problem, then providing a solution. Take that recent border bill proposed by the most conservative of Senators, from Oklahoma, no less. Rather than pass the damned bill the Freedom Circus demanded the bill be tabled until after the Republicans lose elections by the basket load in November. Boy howdy, does that ever solve the crisis at the border. People all across the globe heard that and canceled their travel plans until at least next January, don’t you know?

Doing the Same Thing Over and Over and Expecting a Different Result

Now if you happen to be of the Virginia Wolf Naysaying Tomfoolery persuasion, perhaps you can scream your opposition to solving problems on the national level. Party based solutions create more problems than they’re worth because they are tribal as opposed to national solutions. But what the hey, ignorance coupled with arrogance is such a winning hand it would probably spawn a political regime that would last a thousand years. If only it could silence opposition voices, control news outlets, subvert women to handmaiden status, and dictate what religious beliefs one may have, it could work. Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, it would also have to have a convenient Other to blame for all the woes that arise due to tribal ignorance. That way we could regress to the Middle Ages and have pandemics that kill half our population while we bitch about women managing their own damned affairs. Oh yeah, drowning women to get the truth out of them could become a national sport again. We could make Monarchy great again, too. We could all go on Crusades to the Middle East and have a great time, like we did last time. We could return to the rewards of successfully real witch hunts, not the made up kind like we’re hearing about these days. Hell, we could even do that burning people at the stake thing with the added bonus of broadcasting it on live television while live streaming it on the internet. We could celebrate human baseness ’til our hearts burst with indulgence. That would be fun, don’t you think?

One can understand pure ignorance. We all suffer from talking shit about crap we don’t really understand to one degree or another, it’s part of growing up and learning how to learn. But sooner or later it is required that adults understand that civilization is inclusive. That would be different than exclusive. Inclusive means civilization benefits by including all manner of thinking in its quests. Exclusive means that ideas originating with an Other must be taboo and no one benefits. Believe it or not, that trait of displaying one’s ignorance with blatant arrogance doesn’t play well. It will get you kicked out of plays in Colorado. It will get you shut down on the floor of the Congress. It will make you an international laughing stock as a Speaker. But it will not get a single thing accomplished in Congress. Well, other than passing a law that will allow you to thumb your nose at reality. People from other countries really don’t want to vote in our elections any more than we want to vote in theirs. Duh! Is that just too hard to understand or what? Wouldn’t it be easier to simply agree with the rest of the world that the last election was, like Jesus, just alright with you?

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