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Farewell Donald

by Brian Anonymous 4 months ago in trump

You can't please them all.

Farewell Donald
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Donald I know it's a tough time for you and you have the ambition of a sociopathic athlete. When you're the leader of the free world it's kind of hard to avoid bad press. There were a few things that you did right, a few things you totally go wrong and some really ugly things that need not duplicated.

First off you were probably the most vocal president that we've ever had. A president that was in tuned with social media. I guess in tuned isn't the best word for it since there wasn't really a filter for what you were writing. The people have to remember you weren't in politics before.

We're used to a person that takes notes from their promotional people. You were kind of off the cuff and in a way everyone loved that about you. Prior to when you got elected there was this big wave of people talking about being real. You were probably one of the realest out there giving your opinion on things even though they were pretty unfavorable. I think that's where you got your cult following.

The problem is that some of your ideas weren't totally the best. You didn't listen to all sides to the story. You had an opinion on something and you just went with it. In a way there is some credit to you for sticking to your guns but sometimes there are better ways of doing things.

I'm not sure if you paid attention to what people were saying about you. If you were and you were able to ignore just ignore it I have to read your book on how to do that. You made some decisions and some actions that made people feel that you were racist. In some ways people are very sensitive to label people prejudice in any way but you didn't really argue with any of these accusations. There might be some reason to this though. I think you may have thought if you fought back against your accusers it would put fuel to the fire. I know it's like allowing bullies to get a reaction, they'll come at you even harder.

I know deep down you aren't a racist but some of your actions did hurt a lot of people. It divided a nation but and this may have helped you in the long run but it wasn't good for America. I know deep down you wanted to help America as well. It showed with some of the reform you made to close down the border to help American businesses prosper.

The problem is that America is now even more divided in not only opinions but social economic wealth. People of lower income areas are having an even tougher time being able to push themselves out of their ruts while the wealthy continue to get even richer. I know, that's socialist thought but who will protect those that can't be protected. We're all humans so we have to treat them as such.

As the leader of the free world you have a responsibility. You're supposed to be looked up to as a role model. Instead in the end of days you have a tantrum when you lose. You helped incite chaos rather than tell your followers to become the bigger person and take it like champs. I get it. No one likes to lose and we know you have a winning mentality. The problem is that you know what's right and wrong and you chose instead to choose the wrong.

Donald it's not easy being a leader and you can't please everyone. You had your four years and you did plenty. Don't fear that you're not going to be remembered. I'm sure you'll be remembered for years to come. Just don't be remembered in the wrong way. I know you love to be loved but you have to realize you have to make some unpopular decisions to do what's right.

It's been such a journey and I'm sure tons of people have benefitted from you being president. Just know that no one ever thought you'd be president of the United States of America. You beat all the odds and did the impossible. In fact even when people had you pegged you still rose to the occasion and beat the odds. Honestly, I don't know how you did it but congratulations.

Brian Anonymous
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