Fake Art, Fake Government, Fake Democracy

Government in the UK increasingly consists of rich tribes taking it in turn to enjoy power. Scotland must plan NOW to prevent this from happening after independence.

Fake Art, Fake Government, Fake Democracy

An art gallery in France has just discovered most of its exhibits are fakes. They found out after experts looked at the pictures. Had it been the UK, a third rate Tory would have been wheeled out to say we are tired of experts and they would have carried on as normal. As it was that benighted (because it is not England), miserable (because it is not England), ignorant (because it is not England) country they withdrew the exhibits and are being threatened with a fraud charge.

Fake Government

In England, which the English say is the only country in the UK no matter what the Jocks, Taffies, and Paddies think, most people have not yet realised their government and opposition are fakes. Not enough of them have found out their papers, radio, and television are fake, manufactured by a right-wing cadre of millionaires and billionaires hungry for power without responsibility.

In Scotland, which the English openly consider no more than a parish and the Scots Government worth no more consideration than a parish council, there is an increasing tendency to say “A plague on all your houses” and a realisation that Tory statements are almost certainly lies and Labour statements are probably lies.

The recent Independence March in Glasgow included a group with a banner saying “Tory Scum Out” and a Tory MP said this was against the notion of respectful debate. Listening to proceedings in the House Of Condoms err... Commons, and indeed to the carefully rigged audience of BBC Question Time, respectable debate means everyone should listen in silence to the Tories but the Tories have the right to jeer, bray, and shout down any disagreement. Fake Statement, Fake Standards.

Contempt for the Public

The Windrush Scandal is dying down but shows the government attitude to the public, to brown skinned people and, by obvious extension, to the people of Scotland.

A petition of 135,000 against the deportation of the Windrush generation and their descendants: ignored (what does public opinion matter outside the short window every five years when they get the illusion of being able to choose a new elected dictatorship err... Government... err Parliament).

Complaints from Commonwealth Leaders: Ignored (Well, they are not white.)

One hundred and forty MPs write to the government: U-Turn, Grovelling apology, WE MIGHT LOSE POWER.

Naturally, they tried to blame the officials. The same “over zealous followers” argument dictators have used ever since they realised that, if pushed too far, the people would rise up, rip their heads off, and string them up from lamp posts, not necessarily by the neck, and not necessarily in that order.

Certainly, there is anecdotal evidence of racist tendencies in the Immigration Service, though most of the stories that come out of there suggest that arrogance and Little Hitlerism are far more prevalent along with a natural tendency to pick the easiest targets to meet deportation targets' ambitions.

The moderate public still trusts the government.

The end result was that a monkey was sacrificed, pretending to resign voluntarily, in order to protect the organ grinder who remains free to grind the organs of anyone who is not a rich white Tory. The organ grinder continues to make strong and stable U-Turns and the opposition makes merely token noises in the theatre known as parliament, knowing most of their supporters outside the London Bubble votes to leave “to stop immigrants coming over here and taking all our jobs while lazing around on benefits doing nothing all day.” And the public still regards our parliament and opposition as genuine.

At least the “moderate” public does, the ones who can still afford a holiday, who have a job more secure than most, who do not have to rise at 4 AM and check their phone to see if they have work today, who do not get told by millionaires they need to work more hours rather than claim work benefits. The ones with cars and nice houses who can afford to donate their old clothes to a charity shop and would die rather than use charity shop. Russell said 2 percent of the population think, 3 percent think they think and 95 percent would rather die than think. The 95 percent comprise most of the “moderate” public, the chattering classes, almost all the rich 1 percent, and the expensively educated idiots who are having fun with their hobby of politics and ruining err... running the countries, which they consider mere regions, of the United Kingdom, including, of course, Scotland, just for fun.

Paranoia and Distrust of All Parties

In England neither the far left nor the far right trust the government. Both sides are paranoid about the Government (perhaps more precisely the apparatus of the state) suppressing their freedom and reducing them to Orwell’s proles. And this is perhaps a greater threat to democracy than even the Tory and Red Tory tendency to dictatorship via Henry VIII clauses with a neutered parliament to provide the illusion of democracy.

In Scotland, it seems to be only Independence supporters who distrust both the Tories and Labour. Unionists seem to hang onto their every word as reported in papers designed for readers unable to handle words of more than two syllables.

A Gallery of Fakes?

The French art gallery could salvage something by creating a hall of fakes, showing the public what to look out for. In the fake art gallery of Westminster politics exhibiting their fake statements, fake news and fake media would be regarded as suicidal for the Tories but a blow for democracy if the fake fake statements of the opposition were exposed. Neither side wants the public educated in how to spot the fakes: once you teach people to think, they just might like it and take paths that do not suit our masters... err, elected representatives.

Fake Democracy: The Danger for Scotland

In the Philippines and other “developing” countries, Independence has tended to lead to a situation of nominal democracy in which tribes of rich people take turns in power: when the public gets sick of one tribe they choose another and the cycle continues with the people ignored between elections and bribed during election campaigns. We have the same situation with the Westminster government. Fake democracy, fake government and fake opposition.

Will Independence change Scotland or will the ruling elite regroups and again have the country as their playground? If we do not have a plan to stop them Independence will change nothing, the SNP will either vanish or become corrupted and Scotland’s immense national resources will be wasted enriching a few lairds from overseas who managed to buy a million acres of prime land when it was cheap or companies that will frack and ruin the Scottish Whisky industry.

We need a plan NOW, before any referendum, that will stop Scotland becoming a fake democracy after Independence and it must be one that will captivate the soft NO voters, including the hard right, who also fear suppression by the state.

We might do worse than creating an art gallery of fake UK government with an annex dedicated to the Scottish Branches of the Tory and Labour parties.

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