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Equality Without Anarchy

Sociopolitical Nightmare 2020

By Timothy A RowlandPublished 4 years ago 4 min read
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Equality without anarchy; can it exist? Think about something; even if you're too young to remember (as I am), undoubtedly you can at least imagine this. The last time that a race-related issue was raised and people turned to violence and destruction to make a point… it sent military tanks rolling up the city streets of Augusta and Harlem, GA.

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Many decades later in 2020 we are seeing an even larger scale of domestic terrorism, civil unrest, and senseless violence being committed each and every day. With each passing week, it becomes more and more likely that soon martial law may be declared.

Martial Law

Martial law is when the US President or US Congress places a city, state, or the whole of the country under military control. Already, federal agencies are being utilized as well as the National Guard. If martial law is declared; it will be the US Marines who are sent to the streets of the United States. Those committing these crimes and forming riots in the streets in order to cause chaos will be met by armed Marines who will change their mind. 

One final fact worth mentioning- in this situation- is, according to the Uniformed Code of Military Justice and the "Rules of War"… any civilian holding a weapon of any kind; is no longer a civilian and is considered to be a combatant. In other words; if a civilian is holding any object that can be used as a weapon… they are considered the enemy.

Ignorance or Domestic Terrorism?

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The question has to be raised; are the recent murders, looting, riots, and senseless violence, just an act of ignorance? Are the criminals committing these crimes simply acting out of an ignorant fear or misunderstanding? Perhaps it is that simple, or, are the screams of cursing the United States and the outburst of violence and destruction; in fact an act of terrorism done by our own people? These are only some of the questions that each person will need to answer for themselves. 

Yes, it is even possible that a foreign terrorist group is responsible for the encouragement and planning that is involved with these acts. After all; we trained the terrorists that caused 9/11. Terrorists are becoming more adapt to destroying from the inside.

Currently; half of our government body is weak and not doing anything to prevent or even slow down the anarchy and terror. In fact; some persons high up in that weakened side of government, are even ignorantly encouraging these acts of violence and terror. In that regard; could it be said that, the current situation is the result of both ignorance and domestic terrorism?

Another question we must all answer for ourselves. Important questions, all.

Can Equality Be Achieved Through Peaceful Means?

Many people claim that the civil unrest, and even the violence are needed to drive home their message and reach alleged peace and equality. Fact is; taking this path, incites the government to take forceful action as a response. Couple this with another fact, which is; violence only leads to more violence. Nothing positive ever comes as a result of declaring war on your own country.

Putting forth a peaceful resistance allows your voice to be heard, and your message to become clear and apparent. With peaceful means; the government is legally forbidden to attempt to hinder your message or efforts, in any way. Removing the violence and anarchy will actually place the law on your side of things. Currently; people are fighting the very aspects of our country that could help them to make a positive change.

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What Is the Solution?

No one person will have all the answers that may lead to a solution. Solutions will only be found when the violence and the terrorism stops. We can only hope that it will stop in a peaceful manner. As was said before; if a peaceful end is not reached soon, the government will use martial law to end it quickly; though not peacefully or gently.

You are smart. You are irreplaceable. Stay away from the violence and the acts of terrorism. If you know anyone who is committing these acts or helping; encourage them seek a more peaceful path of change. Do not support those on social media who glorify acts of terror or criminal behavior. If you hate the United States so much; move to another country and make a life there that feeds your happiness and well being. 

Make smart and peaceful choices. I know we can be better to each other. We can have equality without anarchy. If we don't; we will soon become the Divided States of America.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hope still lives. Peace is still possible. It's up to all of us. It's up to you.


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