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Emmanuel Macron Demands More Money.

Sunak To Meet Macron.

By Nicholas BishopPublished about a year ago 3 min read
French President: Emmanuel Macron.

Rishi Sunak will meet Emmanuel Macron today in Paris. Rishi Sunak will ask the French President for more help to tackle migrants crossing the Channel.

Sunak and Macron seem to have a good relationship. Both are from financial backgrounds so maybe that's why. However, one wonders who the dominant person is in this relationship. It could possibly be the French President and here's why.

Macron will demand more British financing of French efforts to stop the boats. The question is for all the money that the British have sent are the French really serious about stopping the boats.? About stopping the gangs that get money off these migrants to cross the Channel? Or are the French just playing us?

In 2014 the UK government sent 232 million Pounds to France. Suella Braverman agreed to send 62 million Pounds more in a bid to help the French stop the migrant boats.

Tory MP for East Worthing and Shoreham is thinking what many of us are probably thinking. Tim Loughton (the above-mentioned MP) thinks that for all the money we have sent "are we getting value for money"? Macron is known to be quite anti-British and especially since the UK left the European Union.

Historically, of course, the British and French have always had a love-hate relationship. In the last years few the British - French relationship has been more confrontational than friendly.

However, Rishi Sunak seems to think that he can press the reset button on that. Much the same as Obama thought he could do the same with Putin. Well with all due respect to Mr Obama that was naive in the extreme. One wonders if Sunak is the same with Macron.

Macron is a very shrewd operator and may have Wishy Washy over a barrel on this one. We may be throwing money at something with minimal effort from our French counterparts. Then again this government are good at throwing money at things with no meaningful result. The country is going to hell in a handcart and the government says there is no magic money tree. Yet they can suddenly find vast amounts of money to supposedly help the French stop the boats. The government can spend money abroad like in Ukraine. However, despite the government saying they have spent this and that our country is poorly underinvested. Just look around at the state of our country will tell you that.

Same as the levelling up agenda that would appear to be largely a gimmick. A gimmick set up by that grand liar and clown one Boris Johnson. This government are good at soundbites and promises but they go largely unfulfilled.

Sunak has his 'Stop The Boats' campaign but Suella Braverman herself has admitted this scheme under international law may be illegal. Like the Rwanda plan, it will probably end up in the courts. It will be challenged by lawyers making a pretty packet and the government will have legal representatives. And so it goes. This neither is helping the migrants nor our country as a whole.

Of course, genuine migrants should be helped. Those fleeing wars and persecution like Syrians, Afghans, Ukrainians etc. But Albanians for example, there is no war there and they have been the biggest migrants to our shores. Also, our country is falling apart at the seams and how long can we accommodate an endless stream of people?

Our NHS, welfare system, etc, are under stress now. Our nation will need more houses built as our population increases and unfortunately, more green land will be built on. It's all very well saying 'Migrants welcome' but do these people truly think about the dire state our country is in?



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