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Election 2020

by Dr. Williams about a year ago in activism

The Race For The White House

With the world rapidly changing as the United States continues to fall behind so many of us wonder how long can government continue to fail the American public? The US has the means at it's disposal to rectify the inhuman conditions of millions of Americans and yet our elected officials fiddle as the United States burns to the ground.

The United States continues to have a broken and corrupt political process. We have the highest income disparity gap in history. We have one of the most deplorable educational systems from elementary thru secondary schools, not to mention the high cost of higher education that so many are priced out of. We have what amounts to in our health care is nothing more than what we can call death care. Today, too many of our rights have been stripped away in the name of social engineering. All these and more are the results of the inadequacies of our government.

The public has been beguiled and led to believe by electing Joe Biden or any current established democrat will right the injustices that are currently playing out today. We have to remember that in one of Americas darkest hours we had a sitting President who provided the moral leadership, that is lacking by either Trump or Biden and other established Republicans and Democrats today, in ushering in a very progressive agenda that pulled this nation out of the Great Depression and won World War II.

Today, with the current threats the world is facing and a depression settling in now is the time for a progressive agenda and a leader that has the moral integrity to lead this nation and the world. When we sum up the current state of our union and the world today there is no better time for the American public to be educated of what National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation will do for the United States and the world.

Having a leader who has the moral integrity and the courage to steer this nation out of troubled waters and into that brighter future for all with that progressive agenda as the guide map is urgently needed. And, we won't find that leader with today's current President and the other Presidential candidate or any other established democrat or republican.

With the delegate count not coming as expected for various reasons like what this current Pandemic is doing with all the government stay at home orders, the outright shenanigans of the DNC, and the lack of a real frontal attack on Biden's record all have been factors as to why the delegate count isn't in Senator sanders favor. Bernie Sanders being an honorable man realizing that an all out effort to defeat Trump means sacrificing himself for unity's sake.

It has since come to light that by stepping aside has not created the unity that is needed to defeat Trump this November. Millions of people all over the country are sick and tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Even with Biden reaching out and offering an olive branch to Sanders supporters in putting together many of the Sanders policies into the Democratic platform is not the convincing argument to lure the Sanders supporters to vote for Biden. The track record of Biden shows that if he wins this November he will not follow through with the commitments he has promised. Not following through is very similar to what Obama did when he was first elected.

Through the years politicians bend over backward making promises all the while knowing full well too many of those commitments that were made prior to election are contrary to the money interests that fuels campaigns. It very seldom a candidate comes along like Bernie Sanders who isn't beholden to mega corporate donors and challenges the status-quo.

If we continue to be nostalgic in looking back to the Obama years in supporting Biden we are being beguiled by that Administration that had so many opportunities to create better tomorrows for all Americans but failed in so many instances to deliver the goods. We are steadily losing grasp of the very heart and soul of what made America a leader among nations of the world. Neither Biden, Trump or any other establishment democratic or republican has the leadership capabilities and abilities to steer this nation into that better tomorrow. It is time we realize this before the nation closes it's door on the guiding principles of our founding.


Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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Dr. Williams
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