Down with Hate Speech

by Kyle Brundige 3 years ago in opinion

Reasons Why Hate Speech Must be Eliminated

Down with Hate Speech

I'm sure my opinion here will reach out to some self-righteous liberal who wants to silence my voice and this article by claiming it is hate speech. Hate speech which, by the way, is merely a tool used to censor those who have a controversial opinion. This article serves to spit in the face of those who claim this piece is hate speech.

Hate speech absolutely does not exist. Hate speech is the whip which silences naysayers and promotes more policies which suppress the individual his rights. Political correctness is the chains which keep the naysayers from articulating their opinions to full clarity. It weakens their argument through restricted vocabulary. I abhor these tools, and everyday I attempt to break the chains, to destroy the whip, so that I may be free to express myself.

Free speech and hate speech, if I must acknowledge its existence, are two sides of the same coin. Free speech is expected to be articulated in a manner which promotes civil debate. Hate speech is somebody who has no regard for etiquette and tells the story as it is. It is the latter which I prefer, because my message is clear, and warrants no question of detail.

Those who advocate free speech are often putting asterisks on the term. Only they can have free speech—nobody else. In fact, if you speak contrary to the widely spoken belief, you are shunned from their society, which you may have worked with for years in the past. Free speech was not designed to protect those who are emotionally sensitive. Free speech was designed so the ignorant can be enlightened with knowledge through means of literature, spoken word, or other alternative means. It was designed so the people can have a means of protesting government without inciting violence. Free speech was designed to make a way for new, fresh ideas to replace the old, and for the old ideas to have the ability to articulate why archaic ideas must stay. Free speech was designed so you have the ability to make your opinions known. Communities are but a means of establishing a social network. They are not harbingers of ideas.

Let me get an anecdote out of the way so you understand why I am writing this. I told my father about the opportunity I have for writing this article. He told me I should do it, but there's a catch. I must be wary of those who oppose me. I must make ready for the consequences of my writing. I may be injured, I may be publicly shamed. But, I must also see the silver lining. Should I write this article, I may change something. I may make people see reason. This article may be the first stone laid towards my path of leadership and opportunity which not too many have chosen to uptake before. In the end. Defend what is right, do what is good, defend my beliefs.

So, I write to spite the fear which the liberals set into all of us. This paper is by no means hate speech. This article is my testament to free speech. It is my right to protest the ideas of socialists, liberals, and others who I disagree with. And to deny me this right which I hold dear, I say go ahead and try. For I will speak of my truth until I go six feet under.

And this is one of many opinions which I hold. Hate speech has no place in the vocabulary of the free and those who are logical. It's only place is to be found in children, who value their emotions more than the virtue of diligence.

Kyle Brundige
Kyle Brundige
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