Don't Touch Me

by Janine Addison 3 years ago in trump / humanity

The hand slap heard around the world.

Hehhehehehe. Yes that is giggling and it will continue to be giggling. When 45 got elected, there were many close ups of the new First Lady and one face that was especially telling was when he turned around after smiling at her and she went back totally at least looking very upset. Now whether she was or not, only she is going to know. What it did show however is that body language is a muthafucka. Disdain and hatred cannot be hidden and though our faces and our tones may be better at controlling how we feel, our body often rejects to bullshit. Now that there is video of Melania basically slapping his hand away, it begins to paint more of a tale.

One: Melania started her career with modeling. I am not downing modeling as a job, because as we have seen for some, it is pretty lucrative but she also married a man that somehow, through the pact he made with whatever demon and his lawyers, creativity managed to stay rich (at least money wise). I have feeling she knew what she was getting into with this marriage but she probably didn't expect to be thrust into the spotlight of being First Lady.

Two: She is literally stealthing her First Lady-ship. Her initiatives I have not heard anything about since the inauguration. I hear more about what her stepdaughter is doing. She is keeping quiet and I do not blame her. No matter what she may want to do, her husband's antics basically overshadow anything, so if I was her I wouldn't bother. She probably feels her time is fleeting in the Oval Office anyway.

Three: She is tired of him. I don't think there is a person on this planet who doesn't get tired of their spouse at some point. 45 has only endeared himself to extremists and if you think that doesn't affect home, you are sadly mistaken. Jobs and pressures from that affect things at home. I have seen it with my own eyes in my home. Of course, she is now has the world basically eyeballing everything she does.

As for me, I honestly hope she continues to show her true self. No one can accuse of her of not being herself if that is all we see of her. Live in your truth, Melania because in this day and age, that will be the only thing that will save you.

Janine Addison
Janine Addison
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