Did We Defeat The Wrong Enemy?

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An Analysis Of World War Two

Did We Defeat The Wrong Enemy?

With the rise of social media we have been slammed with many extraordinary and highly unpopular claims or theories all over the internet, forcing us to question mainstream narratives that we assumed were true or false.

Questioning the mainstream is never wrong, but it is never right to assume that everything we are told about history is false. We must always look at the facts before we jump to conclusions.

With the power of the internet, many interesting theories started to appear about the second world war. Some of these unusual stories about the war have been confirmed as true, and others as false, and some are mixed with half-truths.

One of the biggest theories discussed on social media, mostly on Youtube, is the idea that it was not the Germans who were the true enemy, but the Soviets who never should have been our allies. Is this theory really true, were the soldiers of the Red Army our enemies, and we were supposed to save Nazi Germany from the communists?


On the internet there is a popular documentary being shared known as "Hellstorm". The documentary film promotes the pro-German theory about World War II, and portrays the people of Germany as victims of an evil allied invasion which was never justified. According to the filmmakers the Soviets are bloodthirsty villains who only looted, murdered and raped the civilian population. The soldiers of the Red Army are also described as being mostly Mongolians who know nothing of modern civilization and have no other desire but to commit despicable atrocities.

The Western allies, particularly the United Sates under the command of General Eisenhower are merciless to the German prisoners of war and constantly violated their human rights. With all of that mentioned, they are are just as ruthless as their Soviet counterparts according to the German apologists.

The defenders of the pro-German side claim that the people and soldiers of Germany were attacked and mistreated for no reason and did not deserve the horrible atrocities they faced. In the film "Hellstorm" they show old film reels where German civilians were being interviewed by the press and telling stories about how they were being attacked, raped by Soviet soldiers for no reason at all. And basically most pro-German apologists will use those World War II reels to present as evidence to condemn the invasion of the Reich by the USSR.

For the most part the German apologists use the same argument over and over again about the Allies being bad (Soviets were the worst) and the Germans have done nothing wrong. The problem with German apologists is that they do not use valid sources and completely ignore history and other factors which led to the downfall of the Third Reich.


The folks who defend the German side of the war continually claim that the Germans have done nothing to deserve to be treated the way they were being treated by the allies. Although most of the information about Soviet and Allied atrocities is not that common, to say that the German nation did not deserve it and was mistreated is highly not true.

German apologists completely ignore the Holocaust, a Nazi government program designed to wipe out all people who did not fall under the category of "Aryan Race". Although not many German apologists are Holocaust deniers, a majority of them completely deny the fact that millions of Jews, Gypsies and other nationalities were simply murdered in concentration camps. The sad part is that German apologists never openly come out as Holocaust deniers, because they understand that they will not be taken seriously. These people simply portray themselves as sympathizers of the "German civilian population", but after they convinced someone of this myth, they would later on start to slowly make a normal person deny the Holocaust and other Nazi atrocities.

Going further, the German apologists would never talk about how the Nazis murdered and raped the civilian populations of Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union and other nations. The apologists who won't deny the atrocities will simply say that such crimes were committed only by the Waffen SS (which were completely brainwashed Nazi soldiers willing to fight to the death, or foreign units serving under German command) and not by the Wehrmacht (which were the regular Army Forces).

To say that only the SS forces were responsible for the atrocities in the occupied territories is completely false. The statistics show that it was simply impossible for the SS Units to complete such horrific acts all by themselves. Here are the numbers for the German war crimes committed in these countries:

  1. Poland: 2.77 million ethnic Poles (Not including the Jewish population and other minorities)
  2. Soviet Union: 7 million citizens of the Soviet Union, and 3 million Soviet prisoners of war.
  3. Yugoslavia: 500,000 ethnic Serbs murdered.

This was only a sample of crimes committed by the German government against the nations that they would occupy. The SS Units could not have done such crimes by themselves, it is a fact that the Wehrmacht also took part in the massacres and genocide of other nations. With all of this evidence against Nazi Germany, it is absolutely false to say that "bloodthirsty" Soviet soldiers "had no reason" to go ballistic against the German civilians. This is not a defense of actual Soviet and Allied soldiers who committed crimes against the German population, but to say that the Germans were innocent or they did not have it coming is a lie.

The German apologists would talk about the poor women and children of Germany who suffered such a terrible fate, but they would never acknowledge the crimes committed against the women and children of the Holocaust or the countries occupied by the Nazi forces.


The term "We defeated the wrong enemy", was said by US Army General Patton to commander of the western forces General Eisenhower after the former was relieved of his command. Patton is another figurehead used by German Apologists to justify their claims.

What they will not tell you however, is that Patton was a racist and anti-semite. He openly opposed the "harsh" treatment that was imposed upon German people and the POW's by General Eisenhower.

Patton, just like the Nazis , falsely believed that Russians are not Europeans, and are nothing but mixed breeds of Mongols and other Asian nationalities (despite the fact that modern DNA tests show Russians are ethnic Europeans), and therefore not worthy to be our Allies. For this very reason he almost got us into World War Three; he was not a man of honor who followed Treaties which were signed by both the United States and Soviet Union. He openly violated treaties that were agreed upon by both sides, because he simply shared the same racial views as the Nazis.

After seeing the concentration camps and other death camps created by the Germans to exterminate human beings, and after the Nuremberg trials have declared that Germany committed crimes against humanity, he continued to have sympathy for Germany. This is the reason why German apologists continue to praise Patton as the "only good" general of the allies. After the war was over and Germany was ultimately defeated, the American General openly told General Eisenhower "We may have been fighting the wrong enemy (Germany) all along. But while we're here (on the Soviet border), we should go after the bastards now, 'cause we're gonna have to fight 'em eventually." He said those words after he was relieved.


The next question that needs to be asked, did the allies commit atrocities against the German population? The answer is "YES"

An unfortunate truth, but also a fact. German apologists would talk about mass rapes and murders being committed by the Allies, especially the Soviets, and there are still German survivors till this day that would tell stories of them being raped, or being witnesses to a murder.

With that said, the apologists will never tell you that rape, murder, and looting was something that was rarely committed by the western allies, the horror stories of the Soviet horses riding through Germany and plundering everywhere they went. Majority of the tales about the evil Soviet troops were created by Hitler's minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels and his team of "journalists" and "documentary film crews" that did everything they can to truly exaggerate the actual situation on the eastern front in order to get some sympathy from the western allies.

German Apologists will never tell you that it was strictly forbidden for Soviet troops, to rape, murder and loot. Soldiers caught doing that would be executed by their commanders on the spot. When we look at the Soviet War archives, we will see that their military units kept lists of soldiers that were missing in action, killed in action, in a POW camp, or executed. Then the list of the executed will explain for what reason a soldier or an officer faced an execution, the reasons being, looting, rape or murder. With such strict discipline in the Soviet Army, war crimes committed against the German population were not really that common as the apologists would want you to believe. The only main source for mass Allied atrocities is the Goebbels propaganda team which can easily be refuted by many other sources.


We fought the right enemy. Our ally to the east was not perfect, but they were necessary for us to defeat the Nazis who wanted to rid the world of "non-Aryans" through genocide and war. Although our ally would later become a cold war enemy, and many more people would suffer from communism, in the end communism would collapse on itself in the 1980's and 1990's.

During World War II, our country made a choice, and was not wrong in helping the the Soviets and the world in the fight against the Nazis and their allies. We must never forget our history, or like some would say we will be doomed to repeat it.

Alexander Nevsky
Alexander Nevsky
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