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Democrats vs Republicans

by A.A.C. 15 days ago in opinion

Or hypocrites vs complicits


This article will offend both political parties and for that I have to say...

DON’T read if you will be offended. Now, onto the story.

As I have gotten older, my political leaning tends to be to the left. However, I will vote for the candidate who is fair. I feel that a candidate that not only has morals but treats everyone fairly is the candidate for me. While no one is perfect and both parties have their faults, it became obvious in 2020 how the two party system have a serious issue. I of course am talking about the Democrats versus Republicans. One party has a hypocritical issue. The other has a complicit issue. If you are not sure which party fits which category, well let me tell you it is easy and understandable to not know which party is in this category because both have a touch in either the hypocritical category or the complicit category. I will start off with the hypocritical category.

So 2020 exposed a lot of bad things. One of them was the hypocrisy that Democrats had during the pandemic. Democrats took the pandemic (allegedly) serious. Yet, while majority of Democrats were telling people to either: “Stay home”, “Wear a mask”,“Don’t travel”, It appeared that the democrat politicians didn’t get the memo. Case in point:

- The mayor in Denver, CO, Mayor Hancock, told people in his community to stay home during the holidays but he was caught flying out of the state to visit his family.

-Then there was the mayor of Chicago, Mayor Lightfoot. The Chicago mayor had ordered a stay at home order, but later on she had gotten into some controversy when she got a haircut.

- Nancy Pelosi. I love Nancy. Sorry not sorry, but Nancy being the house speaker and yet getting her hair done with no mask caused an uproar and gave ammo to Republicans. However, the woman who owned the salon was a Trump supporter and instead of using this as a business opportunity, she tried to do a political hit job. Ironically the owner was just to blame too because she was going against orders as well and opening when she was not supposed to. However, I am not going to do the “whataboutism”.

-Finally, this pains me to talk about this one. My governor, Gavin Newsom. I love Gavin and Gavin has gotten a lot of heat from Republicans in this state. He was doing good and many of the people in California backed him up until, he went to a restaurant to “The French Laundry”, an expensive restaurant in Napa, without wearing a mask. Of course this became an ammo for Republicans as a way to point out hypocrisy. I too was angry. Not because of Gavin being a hypocrite, but because he gave his opponents what they wanted. I was rooting for him.

All right Democrats, I have talked about the hypocrisy that you have faced. Now, it is time for the Republicans to take their beating. The complicits. Whether it is the dog whistling that they use or the “I have never heard, but I do not want to talk about” mannerism. Republicans have shown the complicit behavior and it has only gotten worse.

- Senator Lankford of Oklahoma. Senator Lankford said that he “didn’t know that going against the election results in 2020 would invalidate black people’s vote”. Yet, in an article from the New York Times, it mentions how he along with 100 Republicans wanted to not count votes in Predominantly black cities. Interesting that he never questioned red states or suburbs.

- House Minority leader, Kevin McCarthy. Kevin kept pushing the election lie that the 2020 election was a fraud. However, after the insurrection that caused our country to be a disgrace, he mentioned that Joe Biden, our 46th president, was the real winner. He knew the whole time that Joe Biden was the clear winner but he fed into a lie so that he would keep the base happy.

-Senator Ron Johnson. Ron Johnson said that he would have been more scared if the people who invaded the Capitol were BLM (black lives matter) or antifa (short for Anti-fascists). Yet, if I am not mistaken, the people who invaded the Capitol were white terrorist who were beating up police officers. They (terrorist) would have killed Johnson’s colleagues and maybe himself as well, but he didn’t feel “worried”? Complicity at its finest.

-Finally. Disgraced former president Donald Trump. Donald Trump always said he didn’t “know” something but yet the pattern is that he always doesn’t know that something is “offensive”. Example: when Trump said he never heard “when the looting starts; the shooting starts”. Or when he “didn’t know” about the Tulsa Massacre was the same time he was having his first rally. Trump knew a lot of things were wrong. Or when he didn’t believe Russia interfere in our election. Yet, he got away with a lot because of his complicit behavior.

Now, this is a hard pill to swallow. Both parties have a sense of complicit or hypocrisy. Yet, we are too busy saying “if this then that”. What the left and right wing politicians have in common: they all have this attitude “you can’t but I can”. The point I am trying to get at is this: politicians need to stop and realize that they should look at themselves before coming at others. We the people want honesty. Not perfection. I end this with a quote from Steven Aitchison:

“Honesty has a power that few people can handle”

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