Dear United Nations

by Johann Hollar about a year ago in activism

Please rein in America.

Dear United Nations

Good day to the world and the members of the United Nations. My name is Johann Hollar and I am pleased to be addressing you from the United States of America. I am also writing this article to you to express my contempt and disgust towards the Trump Administration (note: I am using the term Administration loosely).

As you are aware he has no regard for the United States' image on the world stage and will without a doubt try to start a world war to try and prove that "America" is "Great." He and his administration will also, without question, turn the United States into a third world dictatorship.

You are also aware of the fact that Trump's recent National Security Advisor also threatened a member of your organization, a retired diplomat from the Brazilian government and his family. I know you are also aware of this "man" and how he uses fear and intimidation to get what he wants. José Bustani can attest to this.

Another fact is that violence perpetrated by white supremacists, Christian nationalists, and even by law enforcement, has yet to be stomped out. They have instead chosen to treat this as normal and refuse justice to the victims. Trayvon Martin is just that example, as is anyone else who isn't white.

Speaking of whiteness, I know you guys at the United Nations are aware of Trump's horrendous policy of separating families at the border. He is using the children who are being detained, as hostages and won't release them until he gets his stupid border wall. Two Guatemalan children have died as a result of this policy.

There are people who have served this country that have not come from the United States, along with people who have fled their home countries due to violence. Because of Trump and his rotten ways, they face the threat of deportation. There are even reports of the ICE literally yanking so-called illegal immigrants from the hospital, from places of work or even as these immigrants are in the process of getting their green cards.

What's worse is that Trump has officially shut down the government so that he could have his stupid wall.

I have read your report on the events of 2017 and what I have to say you guys is that you have nailed it. One of your reports on the rights of people of disabilities concerns me the most. For I too have a disability and I fear many times that I will become the victim of a hate crime by the cowardly slime that calls themselves the law.

What I Want for America and Its People

America has been a rogue nation for far too long. What I am asking for you is to be more actively involved in the affairs of the United States of America. To hold the nation and officials accountable for their behavior here and abroad.

There are private prisons in this country, who are not only detaining low-income people for profit but also the immigrant children who are being separated. The conditions are appalling and the people being detained are treated like animals. The Border Patrol, INS, ICE and private prison corporations need to be brought before the Hague.

As you know Trump has pulled the USA out of the Paris accord, a choice he should not be allowed to make and that you should stop him from doing so. It would be devastating to both the United States and the rest of the world if they continue to allow corporations to pollute the environment. Just look at what happened in Flint, Michigan.

The nation's infrastructure is in dire need of repairs and you are no doubt aware of the wildfires in California, the volcanoes in Hawaii, and the hurricanes that hit the southern and eastern coasts of the United States. Yet, the so-called president of the United States wants his stupid border wall. The people affected by these natural disasters need aid and even with a newly established democratic controlled house can only do so much.

The attacks on minorities has increased since Trump has taken office. The FBI have given various statistics on these, but what are they doing about? You guys at the UN should get involved and start reminding federal law enforcement that crimes against minorities needs to be put to halt and white/Christian terrorism needs to be stopped along with the laws that choose to coddle them.

Finally on the issue of poverty. There have been so many bailouts and tax cuts that have been given to the wealthy 1 percent that the outlandish statement is made that they can't afford to give a $15 minimum wage to the workers. The people working on minimum wage can't afford anything, have to work themselves to death in multiple jobs and yet can still barely afford to make ends meet. This is a human rights issue and I wish you would make Wall Street and the nation's 1 percent pay more for the workers of the US, close their off-shore accounts so they can be taxed and fine them heavily for shipping jobs overseas or giving them to cheap labor.

I don't know what you guys at the UN think of this post and I don't know if you guys would ever consider acting on what is said here. I just wanted to express to you how ashamed of being an American I am. Expressing to you about how I feel towards the scum that have been governing the country. Expressing my contempt for those who had a chance to stop all this but chose not too because they'd rather just follow orders or not break the law.

Long story, short: I wish those of you at the UN would do more than just give Trump and America a hard time.

Johann Hollar
Johann Hollar
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