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Dear Theresa... The 7 Demands of the UK People

Mrs. May, Your Time Has Been, and Gone.

By Johnny VedmorePublished 7 years ago 5 min read
Theresa May celebrates her "victory"

Your awkward Montgomery Burns-like hunch suggests a lifetime of sadness which has left you looking down into the abyss of dark ethical choices. Your voting record in the UK parliament contradicts the person that you claim to be. If we travel back fifteen years then you’re voting against human equality, yet now you claim to be a reliable bastion of ethical and moral conviction. Where was that conviction the day after Grenfell? Mothers burnt to death with their children in arms and your moral authority falls away when you cannot look the survivors in the eye, or even show them support. Instead, whilst you are a leader, the community had to help support each other in a beautiful display of anarchic love. Where was their leader? She was sneaking out the backdoor in an effort to avoid the existence of these poor people once again.

You have called an inquiry over the Grenfell Tower fire but no one expects this process to be free and fair. The UK population are already aware of your history with recent inquiries. The Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry has collapsed on 3 separate occasions because of your actions. You are fully aware that the CSA Inquiry will be looking at the abuse of children at the hands of perverse members of the Diocese of Chichester. Your father, Hubert Brasier, was once a member of this Church of England diocese. That direct link should have seen you recuse yourself from any involvement in the CSA Inquiry but instead, you have disrupted the process on a number of occasions. How can we, the people of the UK, believe that you will allow the Grenfell Inquiry to succeed? How can the survivors possibly have any faith in you or your ability to provide justice?

You can’t seem to get anything you do right. It’s quite astounding to the UK public that you are still in power. You triggered article 50 and then you panic, calling a snap general election that sees you lose your mandate. Surely it’s simple maths that you should have called the snap general election before triggering article 50? But instead you make one of the worst political decisions in a century and you still cling on to power. You refuse public sector pay rises and at the same time you find £1.5 billion for a deal with the homophobic DUP. Can you not see that it exposes your weak stance on equal rights? I believe that you understand everything that you have done. To me, you are a snake in the short grass.

So with all this said and done, where do we go now? Our 7 simple demands.

1. The CSA Inquiry

You must publicly recuse yourself from any further involvement in the inquiry. The chair of the inquiry must have access to all the information available. Your party has destroyed files, hidden facts, and interfered to an extent that is unforgivable. The UK Conservative Party cannot be involved with the Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry. Members of the UK Conservative Party have been called out for alleged child sexual abuse. It is unacceptable that your party has any power over the inquiries future.

2. Grenfell Tower Fire Inquiry

Again your party has failed the subjects of this terrible disaster. Your initial response failed the needs of the Grenfell residents and or this alone you should stand down. The tragedy has proved you and your parties inability to govern effectively. The inquiry must be independent of anyone with connections to the Tory run council. The UK Conservative party must not be involved in the process of the inquiry. Instead, the residents of Grenfell should be given a broad range of potential chairs to the inquiry and they should be able to vote on their preferred option.

3. The DUP Arrangement

The deal offered to Northern Ireland is unacceptable. The deal should be retracted immediately and a further inquiry should be launched into whether the offer was even legal in the first place. The Good Friday Agreement has been breached and this has caused great concern for both UK citizens and the Irish population. You have been willing to sacrifice the peace of the United Kingdom for political gain and for that you should also tender your resignation.

4. Public Sector Pay Rise

There should be an immediate reallocation of the funds promised to the DUP to give public sector pay rises. It is obvious that you must show a little respect to our NHS workers, our Police Force, our Firefighters, and all other public servants. The treatment of the public sector employees over the last 7 years has been anti-British. I am not the only human who owes their current existence to the hard work of those in the NHS.

5. Brexit Negotiations

Your initial line on Brexit has no mandate. It should not be a task of the Brexiteers like David Davis and Liam Fox to deliver a deal that only suits under 52% of our country's voting population. We must have a deal that reflects the entire population inclusive of the 48% of remain voters. We need a rainbow coalition at the negotiation table. This is not something that the UK political establishment has never achieved before. Party lines must be dissolved and the deal must be reflective of the wider UK population.

6. Reverse Austerity

We live in a capitalist society, so to expect growth via more cuts is ridiculous. The ideology of austerity is seriously damaging our society. The UK government need to invest in the locations that have been left behind. Stop your silly sound bites, like magic money tree, that come back to haunt you. The UK Conservative Party have almost destroyed our Great Britain by maintaining scrooge-like policies that kill people daily.

7. Stand down

Mrs. May, you have lost. Your political career has peaked and it was not impressive. Your job was to bring people together, but instead, you’ve made the class divide greater. You’re damaging the UK with every day that you stay in office. Leave now. You have had your chance to make positive change and your time to stand down has passed. In the next few weeks, your Tory colleagues will turn on you anyway. You must stand down immediately.

These are the 7 demands of the UK population. The British people have lost faith in your ability to lead this country.

Kindest Regards

Johnny Vedmore

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