Dear Theresa
Dear Theresa

Dear Theresa,

Prime Minster of this United Kingdom...

Although you are the Prime Minster of the UK as whole, I feel the need to write this letter regarding my issues that are split between devolved and reserved matters, and as the UK Prime Minster it would appear devolved only cross your remit when it comes to the Barnett formula and how funding is allocated to the different nations within the UK, or does it?

I myself live in Scotland, and since 1999, Scotland has been granted its own devolved parliament. Initially, it was known as the Scottish Executive and then, later on, was changed to the Scottish Government, but a parliament none the less that would oversee spending and governance via legislative power on devolved matters to do with Scotland. This would see the Scottish Parliament decided to spend on matters already regionally unique to Scotland that is now devolved, this would include Scottish Education, NHS Scotland and Scottish Policing.

Personally, I voted for devolution in 1998 and I make no lie of being a life time supporter of Scottish independence. This devolution to Scotland was to quash the need for Scotland to become independent teased with of our own parliament, to decide to spend on devolved matter. Most of these powers being what people felt they needed the most to stay in control. If I remember correctly I voted YES/NO in this 2 question referendum. This was due to the tax varying powers that no Scottish Executive or government ever used, as we basically knew they were stupid, and useless powers on the control over education policy NHS Scotland and policing policy. This is where the devolved administration could take the lead for Scotland's enrichment.

This isn't what happened with Devolution and to my disappointment, Scotland voted NO in the 2014 referendum on Scottish Independence and the majority on a slim margin decide that best place for Scotland was to remain a part of the United Kingdom.

Has this changed things for Scotland and the life of Scottish people? I don't believe so. In fact, the new devolved powers that have been given to the Scottish parliament through recommendations from the Calman Commission already saw new powers heading to Scotland and then after the 2014 referendum the recommendations of the Smith Commission. This was meant to see the Scottish Parliament as the world's most powerful devolved parliament.

I am sure legally on paper that the Scottish Parliament is the world's most powerful devolved parliaments, but nowhere has the Westminster government put in any checks and balances on the Scottish Parliament to actually write good law abiding legislation and at this moment in time we have one of the most Authoritarian administrations of government at Holyrood, and when I look at the direction of policy from Holyrood, it is in part direct from Westminster and in full directed from the UN with a couple of Quagos and think tanks flung in for good measure, God forbid you every actually ask the people!

I understand the UK is the member of the UN and I would hope we would bring Western free thinking and Western values that are common in all of Europe and greatly directed by the UK saw it's greatest joint creation, ECHR but what I see now is UN telling us how to legislate and this has been agreed via Westminster, so Westminster gave powers to Holyrood with 1 hand and took control of policy direction from Scotland with other hands.

With this focus on UN child center policies, that actually consumes most of the power laid out in devolution, I feel the need to remind the UK Government of Article 8 of ECHR and ask why it has allowed the UN to have power over policy to do with children. Do I think the UN thinking is wrong with UNCRC? No, but I doubt anyone at Holyrood has actually read UNCRC, Article 41 which states if County already holds superior laws this must be upheld over UNCRC which of course ECHR does and this should be taught to our children, not UNCRC.

To be truthful in reading UNCRC and reflecting on ECHR because ECHR doesn't just cover rights of adults it is our children's rights as well, there isn't anything new with UNCRC, it's just a creepy child-focused policy without an inclusion of parents and stand point here in Scotland. Holyrood itself is built on the foundations of ECHR and it this that the Scottish government should be championing not some unelected body that saw fit to allow Saudi Arabia on the UN women rights council.


I doubt folks at the Scottish government read UNCRC

I turn my mind to Article 3.2 of UNCRC and it reflects the intent of Article 8 ECHR and the importance of the family antimony over the state's power when it comes to our children, we don't want another Nazi youth situation ever again and we should be learning from history and why family antimony was important enough to protect in our shared rights after WWII.

The Scottish Government is bound not to the will of the Scottish people, commonly known as Scottish sovereignty, where we are sovereign in law, not crown or parliament , it is bound by reserved matters like membership of the UN and agreements between the UN and the UK parliament and will supersede any devolved matter since reserved matters out weight devolved and all devolved legislation has to be compliant with reserved legislation.

This is where as Prime Minster of the UK you have failed Scotland and have certainly not quashed my desire for independence like mentioned before we now live with a Scottish government so Authoritarian it passed legislation that breached our human rights, article 8 of ECHR to be exact. What use to us Scots is staying in the United Kingdom if devolved parliaments can write substandard legislation that is enacted into Scots Law but doesn't have same checks and balances as legislation that is written at Westminster or the sovereignty of people to hold it to account.

You leave us without oversight to devolved legislation or our sovereignty and the only way to hold the Scottish Government to account is to take them to court. Us Scots pay either way to hold them to account because when we win in court it's a bittersweet since the Scottish government then picks up the bill which of course is TAX payer funded and for what? Not listening to Scots on how we desire to be governed. We have no say in governance and all Westminster has done by creating the devolved administrations is created smoke and mirrors on how governance at Westminster over the greater reserved matters effect even devolved matter. Westminster either thinks Scots are dumb or they have a funny way of showing Scotland and the people of Scotland that best deal for us is within the United Kingdom.

You called the snap general election back in June 2017, it had my support. The First minster of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon and chief in charge of the biggest Ego in Scotland was needing a good humbling for neither listening to Scots firstly on the constitutional question, which you will find Scottish independence supporters like me supported Brexit and also voted to leave, did not find her push to independence during Brexit in Scotland's interest, but secondly on other legislation that had been thus far poorly drafted and our Scottish voice completely ignored.

This doesn't mean I trust your government, Mrs May, and have written why in another blog, but you have left me in no doubt the only way Scotland will ever actuate change and get rid of the dreadful governance of Scotland and the SNP, is to vote independence and take matters truly into our own hands before another Parcel of Rogues sells us out.

I also doubt the people of the UK as a whole will get a sovereign parliament back due to policies decided by the UN and global agreements like the Paris Climate agreement and not by people that parliament is meant to represent.

Yours Sincerely,

Méave Gallagher

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