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Dear Mr. President

by Wavering Waters 8 months ago in trump

A Message to Donald Trump

To Mr. Trump,

Sorry, it's been a while since I have wrote to a president. I think I was ten when I wrote a letter to President Bush. My Mom still has the letter somewhere. I don't even remember what it was about.

This one, is one I will remember.

I am a single mother and college student. I am a senior in college. I am about 6-7 months away from receiving my Bachelor's in Social Work. I already have my Associate's in Social Work.

My little boy has been receiving SSI since he left the NICU in 2014. This year, the determination is that his genetic disorder is no long disabling to him. Unless, I can find a job that will work with my schedule, I will probably have to quit school this close to graduation. I can always go back, but I am 130 hours into a 430 hour internship. I will have to start that all over if I quit now.

I know that there are already lots of programs for low-income people, but I feel like I have a proposition.

The left always says that we are pro-birth, not pro-life. I know that's not true, as well as you. Unfortunately, there's not many things to prove that. I worked full-time doing graveyard shift in 2018. I went to school in the mornings, and honestly didn't get much sleep during the day. I still passed all my classes. The issue was, I was living in housing. As soon as I started working full-time, they quadrupled my rent. There was no way to save money to get out of housing.

I had to leave that position because of lack of childcare. When I left, my rent went down to $100 bucks. I ended up having more money without a job. That is an incredible flaw in the system. I am someone who wants to work and wants to get out of the system, but the system makes that merely impossible. That was 2018 and I am still in low-income housing.

I hate it here. People are rude, disrespectful, and lazy. I had to get a security camera a year ago. I have turned these people in for criminal acts many times, and nothing gets done to them. I finally made a public Facebook post about them not doing anything to help me, and things have gotten better. I don't count on it to last.

I want to have things. I want to work. There is such a stigma on single moms, but single moms are not the problem.

The problem is that the child support office doesn't enforce it. My ex has never paid consistently. He goes to court, they threaten him, he pays one payment, and he is good for another three months or so. This needs to be changed. I understand that some men fall behind due to legitimate reasons, but when there is proof that there is never consistency in a case it needs to be dealt with. The problem I always hear is that men can't pay if they're behind a jail cell. Well, if they aren't paying anyway, I think they need something. My plan for this is to put them in jail AND make them work. Give them something to do within the jail, until they earn the money. I'm not sure why nothing is done now, but it is worth a shot if you ask me.

I believe there should be more services available for working mothers. I'm not sure what can be done about this, but I thought I could brainstorm the idea with you. I think it would be great to have a job, that had childcare on site so that mothers could work. I am doing an internship for my schooling. I am trying to get a good career so that I can leave the system. The only job I could get would have to be second or third shift. It would be great if businesses were able to offer childcare on location. Not just childcare, but affordable childcare. Not just for dayshift either, all shifts. Lots of daycares quit taking children around the age of 5, so there's a huge service gap for working parents who work other shifts than day shift with kids of the age of 5.

If I have to quit school because of this service gap, I'll just be another statistic. I know the election is coming up, and you are a busy man. But it would be awesome if my voice was heard.

Thanks a bunch,

A Proud American Citizen

Wavering Waters
Wavering Waters
Wavering Waters

Just a single mother who has had lots of experiences. I have lots of things to say. Plan to say them here.

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