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Dear Government

by Billy Rose 8 months ago in opinion

Division Politics

This country is experiencing turmoil like never before in American history and information and lack thereof are being weaponized against its citizens. If you watch what use to be News on any network these days you'll no doubt find more poorly written biased opinions than any actual useful information. Politics are not what they used to be and it's doing only 100% harm to the nation. See, even without being educated in politics I can still tell you that politicians of today are weak and blind to real issues. You see what we have now is just a "Whose better?" type approach to politics but in a two party system that approach has a 100% failure rate, it only causes division and should be immediately abandoned. The two parties respectfully disagreeing and then working on a compromise is literally the foundation of our political system. Our politicians have forgotten that they are for the people and now just use their platforms to diss each other like 6th grade bullies rather than to improve the country. Only once they realize this and come back together will this country heal from the gaping wounds their division has caused. We must find a way to remind politicians that they work for us and we want their division antics put to rest for good. We want Unity we want to come together, we want to see The United States of America to be United again. Now the hard part is getting people who thrive on hate and division to step out and see that they are being played. It's irrelevant whether your Democrat or Republican left or right if you hate the other side its because politicians and irresponsible media reporting got inside your head and turned you against your fellow Americans. For example if you're the type of person who would help someone change a flat tire are you going to ask them their political affiliation before helping? I didnt think so. That is because we are humans first political arguments are there to keep us blind and divided. I use to be guilty of this I hated liberals because the media kept telling me they all had these radical stances against conservatives and it fueled my hate. What woke me up was talking to actual Liberals or leftists what ever label you choose to use. Alot more than you think are willing to debate and most hate censorship but you wouldnt know it listening to the news on either side. We need to stop allowing media to damage our thought process just to harvest views and votes. Our media has a responsibility to report facts only and not present them in a way that makes any one group of people feel alienated. As a young American I'm embarrassed by the weakness of our politicians. Even other countries have taken note of our weaknesses and that's not good for us. We must realize that we are human first and our opinions are not facts. We all tend to believe that it should be the way we want it without considering the fact other side. I've had to remove preconceived ideas of what those who differ from me politically really want. We have a responsibility to do better at putting ourselves in others positions and seeing another point of view. What we have now is a dangerous rift in our political system that neither side is capable of healing alone and that's not good for anyone in the middle or lower classes of society. While social media has done alot to connect us as humans to each other, its recently become a much more toxic environment where people spew hate and opinions that they would never say to another person in real life. These toxic arguments create a subconscious level of anger against those we disagree with and that seed of hate grows until we find ourselves prisoners of our own hate. Society as a whole is going to fail because as technology grows we lose more and more of our humanity. As young children and young adults we saw many films and read many books about zombies and usually it was a virus or other contagion that sparked the zombie apocalypse. However my belief is that we are becoming zombies because were losing more human interaction day by day as technology grows. For me personally I'd rather go back to talking to people face to face, no screen involved. It's very easy to spread negativity and hate this way. Humanity is in danger of being over run mentally by it's own creations, which ironically were designed to bring people together. Try to separate yourself from these divisive narratives and think as a human first. Loving one another and not taking excuses from the government when they fail is how we move forward. Dear Government please come back together compromise and heal before it's too late for all of us.


Billy Rose

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