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Dear Donald... Sorry, Not Sorry

I am tired of seeing celebrities apologize to a man who has never apologized for anything.

By Frank WhitePublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Why apologize? Why should actors and other creatives keep apologizing to you for expressing their feelings? You have never apologized. In some ways that wouldn't be such a big deal, or at least not unprecedented. I was always bothered when Obama declined to apologize for certain things he did and said. Stupid. But not unprecedented. The real problem, though, is that you don't actually believe that you have ever made a mistake that warrants an apology. The difference between you and Obama is that he did not do something daily that most of us feel he owed us an apology.

Off With Her Head?

Do you think Kathy Griffin got up one morning, a light switch went off, and she said "I hate Trump, let's do a picture of him with me holding his cut off head"? She may have apologized, but that doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot. Many people feel the same way. You are to blame for that. You are as guilty as Hillary was for alienating half the country. Yet another example of a woman apologizing, in this case for calling your supporters deplorable. But here is the thing, you have become deplorable, as have so many of your supporters, who have never asked you to apologize for the scores of racist rhetoric that has left your dried out puss face. None of your colleagues in the Republican party have ever demanded you apologize for your viscerally proactive hostility. Yes, that makes them deplorable too.

Bill Maher Goes Willy Nilly

And Bill Maher apologizing. For what? For talking crudely about you and Putin. So what. Trump, you are the guy who made grabbing pussy a national topic of conversation. Then instead of actually apologizing properly, you brushed it off as "Locker room talk". Nonsense. Your apology was something akin to a child in school saying, "I am sorry if you didn't like what I said." You weren't even entertaining anyone when you said it, you were joking around with what you thought was a fellow sleaze bag. Bill should never have apologized.

Johnny's In Deep

And then, of course, there is the most granola film star of my generation in his hat and hippy vibe, talking shit on a stage at a festival, he jokes, it's a f**king joke, about how it's been too long since an actor assassinated a president. What's more, for Mr. Depp's comments, the White House found its voice, but they never found their voice to speak out for the victims of a heinous act of violence at a mosque that left Muslims injured.

I say, no more apologies until you, the man at the top, stops setting the tone of violence, sexism, and bigotry. It is fascinating that half of our citizens do not see you for the elitist, self-centered maniac you are. But that doesn't mean we have to apologize, it means they have to open their eyes, and maybe Bill, Kathy and Johnny should have apologized at some point, that it took that kind of extreme rhetoric to wake the rest of America up, but not now.

There have certainly been enough world leaders that warranted being overthrown, sometimes violently. I am certainly not suggesting that we are there yet with you, but you certainly shouldn't be shocked that some of us are starting to feel that way. The issue is not whether or not these people should apologize, it is whether you realize the insanity of your own behavior and how it has seeped into our culture. It has affected us in such a nefarious way, that many of our best voices have reverted to inappropriate comments and images.

NO MORE APOLOGIES, until you apologize.

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Frank White

New Yorker in his forties. His counsel is sought by many, offered to few. Traveled the world in search of answers, but found more questions.

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