Dear Donald
Dear Donald

Dear Donald

A letter to the President of the United States of America from a Canadian.

Dear Donald

Being Canadian, I may have many views that are different from yours. In fact, I am sure I have many views different from many Americans. However, we have many views which are the same...

For example, I believe in the freedom of speech. However, I do not believe that the President of the United States of America should have endless access to blast everyone and everything on his social media accounts.

I know you are not racist. I have seen you hire people of many different cultures and ethnicities and I am quite frankly sorry that your presidency has made the word "racist" a buzzword, or a common insult, now used daily to insult someone that doesn't believe in certain liberal views. However, I also saw what went on at your rallies and I must say, Mr. President, you do not do much in order to stop the war on racism either. A true man, especially one running to control one of the most powerful countries of the world, whom isn't racist, would have stood up to those who were acting so around him and would not have wanted that behaviour at his political rallies.

I know you are not meaning to be sexist. I know that when you said "they let me grab them by the pussy" you were discussing slutty famous women, letting you do whatever you want to them, to a male companion in order to gain brownie points for all the women you lay. Although I once identified myself as a "feminist" (no longer do due to what that term has turned into lately), I understand that does not make you a sexist, misogynistic pig. I would also be lying if I said my girlfriends and I have never discussed our boyfriends' penis sizes or how good we are at giving him oral sex behind closed doors. However, the people were looking for a President with some class, and that was quite the opposite.

I really wanted to believe that you would prove the people wrong. Not living in the United States allowed me to watch this Presidential Election from afar.

Unlike many of the people in your country, I do not wish for you to fail. That would be awful. I am not a fan of Mike Pence's and I wouldn't want him to control your country either. In fact, I am almost certain you would be better at it. So please, Mr. Trump, from a Canadian, please start doing your job properly.

Stop firing any FBI agent who investigates you. That just looks bad and even if you aren't guilty of colluding with Russia, firing the very people investigating this does not help your case.

Please learn how to hold yourself accountable for what you say. If you say something that isn't popular, learn how to take a step back and apologize for it...maybe over some covfefe.

I am rooting for you, Mr. President Trump. I do not want to see your country fail. I am unsure why the people of your country are calling for the execution of their President. It lets those who wish to go to war with you know that you are not respected by even your people and makes the country look weak. I do not want to see the people of your country continue to go insane while they fight for imaginary social justice and claim the world is run by white supremacy. I am sick of it. The U.S. is sick of it. The world is sick of it.

So I ask you, Mr. President Trump, please be a good president going forward. Be honest, but stay classy. Maybe we can grab some covfefe sometime?


A Canadian.

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Beth Gibbons
Beth Gibbons
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