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Dear Donald...

Dear America: He's your President.

By Harmony FlowerPublished 6 years ago 7 min read
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I have now witnessed the same pattern 3 times: the Scottish Referendum, Brexit and the 2016 American presidential race; all were similar before, during and after the results were announced.

I am not an American, but technically, the new American president and his sons can play football for Scotland internationally, so I will not be belittling the American president and the electoral college's system for insuring that the largest states don't determine the president for all states. Plus, he's a son of Scotland–his mothers first language was Scots Gaelic.

The electoral college is quite a complex matter that I didn't understand until this election. The general election in the UK is a simple FPTP (First Past the Post) and the leader of the political party with the majority of Parliamentary seats gets to be the Prime Minister, who has to be voted as an MP for a constituency, as well. In some ways it's similar to the Scottish Parliament voting system, with constituency races (via FPTP) and regional seats (via proportional votes, or PV) both determining parliamentary and governmental composition in Scotland at Holyrood; this was to ensure that there would be no political dominance at the Scottish Parliament, but we know now flukes do happen. With that in mind, the United States electoral college exists to ensure that the largest states don't have dominance over the outcome of the presidential election.

Prior to each of those three recent campaigns, there had already been interest from the people, genuine grassroots efforts were implemented for all three campaigns. Thinking back to when the SNP, by fluke, won a majority at Holyrood; Holyrood was never designed to give one party a majority; this was so exciting, we had it done it. We could now get our referendum on independence. Brexit was probably always inevitable in the UK with a common consensus about governance within both Brexiters and Scottish sovereignty supporters. The American presidency of Donald J. Trump was probably also inevitable; there is only so long that people will put up with wealth only flowing in one direction and personal liberty getting curbed.

Each of these events had two choices, they all had new media created around the campaigns and shocking results. There was also a dramatic aftermath, this is where the losing side had an uprising of sorts. Although, it was really more of a democratic outrage that their side didn't win and a promise to fight on, which was more just whining and blaming other people for losing.

The majority of the main voices in the Scottish Independence movement joined with the losing side of the Brexit campaign, the Remainers, and then when Donald Trump was elected and some women marched, the Scottish Independence supporters, the Remainers joined in with American presidency's losing side. It was all just down right trippy!

Don't get me wrong; I was gutted that Scotland voted no in the referendum but it got the socialism Globalist disease and was no longer about our sovereignty being restored to the people. Watching these the events afterwards, it was like watching the same event in ways. The losing sides all crying about the how unfair it is to democracy that their side lost, ironic or what?

Nobody was robbed of their democracy, this is what happens in a democracy when the vote is casted against 2 sides, there is a winning side and losing side. The democratic thing to do after the winner is announced is to actually accept the result, not take huge undefined tantrums because you didn't get your own way. Seriously ! as a woman I still don't know that those march were about.

If I was to be rude enough to tell the American president anything is you were elected on the mandate of people to create Jobs, insure their constitutional rights and uphold the law that is already in Stature.

I see from this side of the water a president that is belittled by the media, undermined by public servants and quite basically he is damned if he does and damned if he don't.

The Scottish Parliament's behaviour towards a the American presidential race was disgusting and during our referendum, we had every countries head of State joining in on the campaign and telling us Scots how to vote. This was actually a big deal in the independence side as the cards were genuinely stacked against Scottish independence and we wanted everyone just to shut up and butt out of our business. So witnessing them sticking their beaks into some other country's elections was just a double standard.

This is part of something I wrote at the time on the Scottish Parliament's reaction to Donald J. Trump's election:

I present to you the State like quality of Scottish leaders. Please click on the link and watch the video:

Aye what can I say Scotland. Clearly none of them consider for a second that Hillary Clinton wasn't a great choice either, personally I think if I was voting in the American elections, I would have done the same as I did for the Holyrood elections.

It wasn't my right to vote in the elections and what I know from Americans is once their Commander in Chief is chosen, he is then their president and to insult the president is to insult Americans, Yikes! Holyrood what have you done?

It's not the very diplomatic for elected Members of Scotland's Parliament and government to pick sides or even comment beyond.

"It's the decision of the American people and we must respect whatever choice they make."

You would then think that once the result was in the congratulation would be forth coming as the elected candidate and respect the wishes of the country and not cast personal feeling over their choice.

That didn't happen, each of the Scottish leaders gave a really self centred reaction that was in complete lack of respect to"

1. The American people.

2. They now need to work with President Trump.

I can only hope now this doesn't damage Scottish export market in the US, as trade ambassadors might say it's fine but it is Americans that will choose to purchase or not, so only time will tell :-S.

This was not our election and I was disgusted that Nicola First Chimp at the Tea party, oops I mean, First Minister of Scotland, up on her high horse and disrespecting the American people and why the popular vote in America cannot 100% control the outcome of the presidential election.

Watching the way this American president is treated is like nothing I have seen in Western civilisation and I don't understand why people frankly put up with their leader being mocked globally for believing in the rule of the people by the people, in the country he was democratically elected to govern and rule by laws already in stature.

This man hasn't been given a chance to prove much to the American people and the Russian narrative is like the Cold War never ended. I think America needs to exhale when news stories about your president happen and look to see what other news there is on that day. Here in the UK, our MSM isn't half as mental as American MSM with 24 hours of verbal diarrhea news channels; full of "ifs," "buts" or "maybe's" based on something that "could have happened or may not have happened but what if it did?" Wow! But it didn't.

Personally, I like facts and concrete evidence. The news has a responsibility to tell you the facts not their own cockamamie theory on what could possibly happen if X, Y and Z is true. Frankly, they need to shut up as it's coming across like cheap common gossip with an element of Chinese whispers and if only Hillary had won, AKA sore losers.

Imagine that America: Hillary Clinton as your president... Donald J. Trump doesn't seems so bad after all, so it's only fair he is given a chance as your President and Commander in Chief.


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