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Dear Donald...

From Writer & Photographer Terry Osterhout

By Terry OsterhoutPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

Dear Donald,

Let me start by saying “I don’t hate you.” I would even get a cup of coffee with you. I mean, we both have model wives, we both appreciate beautiful women (though I typically don’t grab them by the “pussy”) and we have a vested interested in politics and business, and love America.

I predicted you would be elected President of our great country a full year before you were, but I did not vote for you, nor am I able to comprehend why anyone else would.

I am a 47 year old white male and consider myself a liberal-leaning centrist patriot with a deep love for the Unites States of America. I value and appreciate our hard fought freedom, our veterans, and the strides we have made for equality through the Civil Rights movement, women’s rights movement and equality fights for LGBT individuals, but I also recognize that we have blood stains on our history regarding the treatment of the Native American Indians and the enslavement and horrific treatment of African slaves and African Americans.

I appreciate our political system, the many sides, the passion of our citizens, and the fact that we all don’t see eye to eye. I have Republican friends and Democrat friends, and appreciate healthy debate and discourse from all points of view.

I lived in New York City for a decade, read your book "Art of the Deal", watched The Apprentice, and didn’t have much of an opinion on you but the one I had wasn’t particularly unfavorable, but somewhere between you calling Rosie O’Donnell a fat pig and your campaign against President Barack Obama, I lost a great deal of respect for you. Then I watched you on the campaign trail and I became very concerned that you might actually win, because it was clear to most people that you wanted the title but not the actual job of President.

You were kind of despicable to your old friend, Hilary Clinton, and you didn’t know what you were talking about half the time. You were rude, blunt, divisive and mean-spirited, but hey that’s politics right? Well, it wasn’t with your predecessor Barak Obama, because man that guy was articulate, polite, mature, and diplomatic. He was Presidential and the kind of guy I was proud of having my child see as a role model. Donald Trump, let’s be honest, you aren’t exactly the beacon of “family values” or human decency.

I care about the environment, women’s rights and their reproductive rights, the rights of LGBT individuals and equality for all. I also have a deep, deep concern for the environment and that science and reason are respected. I want people to live and let live, but you and the people you have surrounded yourself with seem to want to restrict rights and make life harder for middle class and poor Americans, because let’s be honest, YOU have never been racially profiled, raped, hungry, or homeless. You and your fellow wealthy politicians have not ACTUALLY walked in the shoes of the average American, and the truth is, there are a lot of people suffering out there.

It is not just the fact that you cannot relate to the struggles of the average American that makes you grossly unqualified for the job you now hold, but rather that you don’t seem to give a damn about them, and you seem to relish and enjoy watching the American people attack each other.

I'm an idealist, but I'm also a realist, and experienced enough in the ways of the world to know that my words nor the thousands of other voices of dissent will alter or influence your opinion, but I am hoping that if we yell loud enough, long enough, and if our numbers are large enough, you might take a deep breath and acknowledge that the job of President isn't the right fit for you.

You should enjoy your Golden Years, maybe host another beauty pageant, get back on the Apprentice, and throw the ball around with your kids (you have enough to start your own team so that could be fun.)

Leave us with the Indiana Jones villain Mike Pence and the smug frat bully Paul Ryan and we can deal with them, but you sir are unfit to lead, unite and strengthen the United States of America, which is what we desperately need right now, perhaps more than ever!

As a side note, all of the toxic politics of the last few years has caused me a lot of stress so I would also appreciate it if you could send me a small check for $50,000. That would help reduce the stress that your brief Presidency has caused me, my family, friends, and the rest of the world (You know, us snowflakes need lots of coddling, therapy, and avocado toast.)


Terry Osterhout

Writer & Photographer

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Terry Osterhout

Photographer, Visual-Artist and Writer. Defender of Free Speech & Expression. Married to Model, Writer & YouTuber Liz La Point. Follow me on Twitter @terry2070

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