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'Covid' Ops: Masked by a swastika in disguise!

Behind the face of blind obedience

By Steve HarrisonPublished 3 years ago 5 min read

If the “industrial-military complex” currently taking over the way we live, in the name of a bogus Covid19 worldwide pandemic, wanted to draw a line in society between those who blindly accept what they are being told and those who see the draconian measures being introduced as a threat to freedom, how would they go about it?

Would it be prudent to ask everyone to succumb to wearing a T-shirt that says “Trust In Trump” or “Back Boris” or some other nationally-appropriate slogan to show support for the regime calling the shots?

Or perhaps to cajole people to unite behind health-care workers with a patriotic slogan such as “Save Lives, Stay Inside” or “Support The NHS” emblazoned on a baseball cap they’re requested to wear?

Notions such as these would probably not top the list of any regime’s propaganda initiatives, after all people may acquiesce to going along with the draconian measures being introduced if they felt they were in the nation’s interests but may still balk at showing support for a politician they may regard as handling the situation poorly, or just not be bothered to back the concept due to apathy or indifference.

Rallying people behind a cause is not quite as easy as it seems, there’s no guarantee free will can achieve the desired effect… much safer to make the requirement mandatory. But forcing people to wear a T-shirt or a cap would present another set of problems.

Firstly, there’s the cost of getting caps or T-shirts printed and deciding whether to distribute them free of charge or require people to pay for them, perhaps with the imposition made more palatable by declaring the proceeds would go to some jingoistic project to rid the nation of the scourge threatening the land.

Armbands would be a cheaper, probably more acceptable option, maybe in national colours or depicting a symbol that represents those whose orders are being obeyed? In World War II the Nazis used the swastika, but in the 21st century people are still very sensitive to the sight of that in society, so perhaps an emblem similar to that adopted by the Trilateral Commission or Bilderberg Council would work?

But there again people may struggle with adorning themselves with a symbol of the state, while still being quite comfortable bowing to its will in other ways… there has to be a better means of distinguishing between acceptors of state policy and true objectors, those who’ll stand firm against their loss of freedoms.

After all, when it comes to the bigger issues, how does the state know how far it can push forward with a plan if it doesn’t know how its orders are likely to be received and who they can count on to follow them.

So what to do? Ahhh, hold on, the nation is gripped by false fears about a killer virus that’s been drummed up into a frenzy by a well-oiled media machine, how about capitalising on that?

Let’s make everyone wear a mask on safety grounds… if people are prepared to do that then it’s obvious they’ve bought into the deception and can be counted on to be receptive to the next mandate to keep the nation safe.

So in England and elsewhere regimes have opted to make masks mandatory, but join the dots and it’s clear the measure has got nothing to do with saving lives… they’re just an emblem of subservience!

Do masks actually keep people safer? Well there’s little evidence to suggest that, so no reason to make them mandatory. If they work, people with free will can decide to wear them to protect themselves from the virus, those who don’t can’t infect anyone who’s fearful of the plague because they’ve chosen to wear a mask… problem solved.

So really, people with any sense will see through the need to make masks compulsory? Well, no, wait a minute… what if you’re told that some people who’ve been infected might be asymptomatic and can spread the disease… also the health service is so overburdened it’s unable to cope with the crisis. Would this influence people’s perceptions? It seems to, but once again if people fear the virus they can wear a mask, nobody is stopping them.

But what about all the people not wearing a mask catching the disease and burdening the health system? Actually, if you look at the evidence, the chances are that won’t happen, the vast majority of people falling victim to the virus have severe underlying health conditions… if you’re fit and healthy you’ll probably be all right.

But anyone can catch it, relatively young people too? Absolutely, but that number is likely to be small, but if it’s a problem ask people to sign a waiver instead of paying a fine if they exercise their free will and choose not to wear a mask. The waiver can put the burden of treatment costs on them, no need for the state to cough up.

But even then health-care workers would be at risk? Yes, if the PPE equipment doesn’t do its job! In which case people wearing masks is really a rather mute point anyway.

So everyone, bow to the dark lords if you must, but please respect the views of others who do not share you’re blind faith in the industrial-military complex. Those people make no demands of you, so please make no demands of them… don’t let the state set us apart, that’s the agenda behind the swastika in disguise!


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Steve Harrison

From Covid to the Ukraine... nothing is as it seems in the world. Don't just accept the mainstream brainwashing, open your eyes to the bigger picture at the heart of these staged productions.


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