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'Covid' Ops: Is this what they've waited for?

Centuries leading to a new world order

By Steve HarrisonPublished 4 years ago 4 min read
2020: The year the earth stood still

The UK is now into its third week of a state-enforced lock-down with the vast majority of the population imprisoned in their homes because a mystery coronavirus is sweeping the earth.

Countries all across the globe are imposing similar curfews on their people, with the draconian measures being rolled out growing more threatening by the week.

But I’m sorry for pointing it out, the emperor’s new clothes are not invisible except to the worthy. They are not grand, not fine and please don’t look at the cut, the style, the line.

Look past what the mainstream media is telling us… the king is in the all together, the all together, as naked as the day that he was born.

It’s not the war of the worlds… it’s the war of the words, and at the moment people are buying it all on a global scale. But you have to wake up, this is not about Covid-19, not about saving lives… it’s about keeping us minions under control by the puppet-masters who are orchestrating this charade, and have been for centuries.

While presidents and prime-ministers come and go, the secret societies that have been building up vast wealth throughout the ages hold the real power, backed up by the intelligence services who they have probably created or infiltrated at the highest levels.

In the UK our mainstream media is either under licence to the state, or financed by the advertising budgets mapped out in the boardrooms of these super rich figureheads, whose power resides in the control they have over us.

Since this phoney war started with clampdown Wuhan, it’s been transparent that not all is as it seems with this ‘Covid’ conspiracy. When we in the UK were put under house arrest, I started digging for answers and I have a theory that I’d like to put to you.

Many of the world’s secret societies have been in operation since the Early Middle Ages, sharing ideas, amassing fortunes and making slaves of us minions, who go about our daily lives in complete ignorance. Start to dig and the signs are everywhere, we just have to work out how to interpret them.

All these secret societies are probably founded on similar principles, the battle between good and evil, the rich and the poor, black or white… as well as the search for knowledge and enlightenment. Astrology, numerology and the occult are also at the centre of many of these faiths.

The super rich oligarchs who sit at the top of these organisations have all the material possessions they could possibly wish for, what they are pursuing is the knowledge and enlightenment to control the world we live in.

I’d like to think that these people want to create a world that can provide a decent standard of living for everyone, but evidence of economic mismanagement lurks around every corner. The population of the world gets bigger by the day, staying on top of that is a daunting prospect.

So to keep their hands on power they need tight control, cheap labour and a media machine that convinces us all they’re looking after our best interests. Technology has reached a point now when they can really turn the screw.

I’d like to think these people, who see themselves as Gods, are looking out for us, but I think they are looking out for themselves.

But within these societies there are also many ordinary folk who have put aside their egos and attained a level of enlightenment far greater than us minions… they’ve been warning us for centuries about what’s going on through satire, fairytales, music and movies.

Unfortunately it takes something like the forced imprisonment we’re suffering now to allow us to see the light.

These secret societies use the intelligence and security services to enforce their bidding, but as in all walks of life there are a few, maybe many, loose cannons who go one, two or maybe more steps beyond the boundaries that mankind sees as acceptable.

When this happens the intelligence agencies have to step in to ensure it all stays secret, because those in the highest places don’t want to be brought down by the wickedness of those who flaunt their power.

Then a huge “shit storm” erupts in Hollywood, just as the planets are all aligning and technology is at a stage where their vision of a brave new world can be thrust upon us.

This is what they've waited for, this is it boys, this is war, the presidents are on the line… as 99 red balloons go by.

But it’s not a nuclear war, it’s a propaganda war to keep the minions in their place… and Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Ali Khamenei and Reuven Rivlin could all be in on it. Hell China’s already introducing the blueprint for the way we’re all about to live our lives.


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Steve Harrison

From Covid to the Ukraine and Gaza... nothing is as it seems in the world. Don't just accept the mainstream brainwashing, open your eyes to the bigger picture at the heart of these globalist agendas.


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