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'Covid' Ops: Could free speech be the next domino to fall?

Mind control of mind-boggling proportions

By Steve HarrisonPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Yesterday UK conspiracy researcher David Icke gave a very revealing interview about the "Covid" operations taking place around the globe which was broadcast by LondonReal.TV and went out live on YouTube.

I hope anyone reading this saw it, because if you didn't you won't be able to again on YouTube as the link was disabled because it seems what he had to say "violates its community guidelines".

Since the broadcast finished I've been trying to subscribe to LondonReal.TV but the links haven't been working and efforts to get the broadcast circulating have so far proved unsuccessful.

I hope you all check out the site for updates, the broadcast is certainly worth watching.

Trying to get the word out about a potential Covid-19 conspiracy co-ordinated by a cabal of powerful technocrats and business leaders is hard to achieve with all the paranoia, panic and propaganda clogging up the superhighway. But it's too important to not try.

It may be too late to turn the clock back on global events, but lets hope the perpetrators of the new world order that I fear is just around the corner are not quite as evil as Icke suggests they could be.

Late yesterday afternoon the mainstream media broke the news that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson had been moved to intensive care due his Covid-19 infection, revealed 10 days ago.

I’m not a huge fan of Johnson, nor his leadership throughout this crisis, but I sincerely hope that he is well and out of intensive care very soon.

But I do fear for him, I get the impression he has not been entirely behind the measures he’s been introducing from day one but has begrudgingly gone along with the advice of the ‘experts’ behind the scenes. If that is the case I’m concerned his condition may worsen and songs may be written about him like those Bob Dylan penned about a Murder Most Foul in Dallas in 1963. I hope I’m wrong.

Whatever the reasons behind this charade taking place all around us, I would hate to see Johnson fall victim to it.

But when he is given the all-clear to leave intensive care, which will hopefully be soon, I can see only one possible scenario emerging… more paranoia and propaganda spewing out through our media channels about how we must stay indoors.

To me this remains complete nonsense. I agree that some social distancing is necessary but the draconian measures we’ve been asked to accept is mind control and manipulation of mind-boggling proportions.

There is a potentially dangerous virus out there, released in Wuhan by accident or design, and it can prove fatal for those vulnerable to the worst effects of it. But the vast majority of people, evidence suggests, will still be OK.

It’s not right to imprison people for long stretches when they have committed no crime, let us decide whether we want to go outside and take the risk of becoming ill or be safer locked in our homes.

Those who believe this is a serious killer and want to stay home need not come into contact with others in our society who believe they are better served by going outside to exercise and enjoy valuable exposure to the sun’s rays.

There’s no question that those who go outside should obey social distancing rules, but to close down parks and open spaces to prevent gatherings is another step beyond my interpretation of what is necessary.

If there is a gathering people do not need to be near it unless they choose to be. And if they choose to be with friends or family then they can still maintain basic social distancing measures, while being outside rather than confined to their domestic prison where they are less able to distance themselves from each other.

Staying at home for long stretches is potentially bad for mental well-being and for harmony between family members, people are not meant to be locked up unnecessarily.

In Icke’s broadcast he gave a pretty compelling case to suggest the measures taking place are far more about claiming control than saving lives.

Please try to watch the broadcast and do so with an open mind. If this is a takeover by an unknown power, we're sure as hell about to find out very rapidly!

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Steve Harrison

From Covid to the Ukraine and Gaza... nothing is as it seems in the world. Don't just accept the mainstream brainwashing, open your eyes to the bigger picture at the heart of these globalist agendas.


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