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'Covid' Ops: A great Gates deception?

Inside Bill's coronavirus quest: PART THREE

By Steve HarrisonPublished 4 years ago 8 min read
From a 2015 prophecy to a vaccine search, Covid19 has Bill Gates stamped all over it

From predicting a global pandemic, including a World Economic Forum simulation of such an event, to a patent for coronavirus, plus the funding of the most likely source of its release were it not to have developed naturally, the mark of Bill Gates is written all over the Covid19 chaos unfolding around the world.

It’s a classic problem, reaction, solution scenario… with Gates the key that unlocks each compartment of the hoax. First create panic and paranoia about a perceived pandemic, then establish the reaction to it, before finally offering up a solution.

Misleading pandemic-modelling studies funded by his foundation sowed the seeds for lockdown, a prophetic Netflix documentary series released as the virus was taking hold added to the paranoia, before the constant indoctrination about a vaccine being the only way to lift humanity from the clutches of Covid19 brainwashed the world. At every stage of this charade Gates is there calling the shots over this ludicrous global masquerade.

Before his coronavirus crusade took hold, Gates was an established financier of HIV vaccine research, being a huge donor for projects being undertaken by hundreds of universities around the globe.

But, far from adopting a “neutral charitable strategy”, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation stands accused of benefiting big business, especially in the agriculture and health sectors, through the “ideological commitment to promote neo-liberal economic policies and corporate globalisation”.

According to a 2016 report published by the campaign group Global Justice Now, the foundation is guilty of using its massive financial clout to silence international development experts and groups which would criticise its practices.

Gates, the report claims, “who has regular access to world leaders and is in effect personally bankrolling hundreds of universities, international organisations, NGOs and media outlets, has become the single most influential voice in international development”.

Lauded for its work in spearheading initiatives to eradicate polio and malaria, amongst other diseases, the report accuses the Gates foundation of funding privatised health and promoting an increased role for private education providers.

According to the report, this strategy “turns basic needs into commodities controlled by the market” and leads to incestuous working relationships between the foundation and major international corporations, particularly in pharmaceutical and agricultural fields.

The report also accuses the foundation of promoting specific priorities through agriculture grants, some of which undermine the interests of small farmers. These include promoting industrial agriculture, use of chemical fertilisers and expensive, patented seeds, and a focus on genetically modified crops. Such criticism echoes accusations by Indian scientist Vandana Shiva, who has suggested the foundation is the “greatest threat to farmers in the developing world”.

And, having created the problem and reaction to Covid19, Gates has the solutions already up his sleeve. There’s the plethora of vaccines his foundation is funding research into, the quantum-dot technology that will show whether a person has been vaccinated and ID2020, which will through microchip implants give us all a digital record to be manipulated as the state sees fit.

There are 10 or more vaccines for Covid19 already undergoing testing around the world, with Gates’ imprint on most of them.

One of the latest vaccines to join that list is called NVX-CoV2373, which through pre-clinical testing is said to produce high levels of neutralising antibodies against the virus.

“These results provide strong evidence that the vaccine candidate will be highly immunogenic in humans, leading to protection from Covid19 and thus helping to control the spread of this disease,” the manufacturer Novavax proclaims.

The vaccine is backed by US$388 million from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness and Innovation (CEPI), a non-profit organisation founded by Gates in 2015 as he began to prepare the world for a “global respiratory epidemic”.

Clinical trials for the Novavax vaccine are currently underway in Australia, with results of the first phase expected next month.

The Novavax project is CEPI’s largest investment to date, with funds supposed to cover up to phase two clinical trials and the production of millions of doses by the end of 2020.

US pharmaceutical giant Merck has also unveiled two vaccine candidates and a potential treatment based on “proven technology”, rather than undertaking “highly innovative” approaches like companies such as Pfizer and Moderna, which also have candidates being tested.

One of Merck’s vaccine programmes is a collaboration with the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI). The other project is developed by Austrian biotech firm Themis Bioscience, which Merck is acquiring, in collaboration with French research organisation Institut Pasteur. The Themis project is also partially-funded by CEPI.

Several other Covid19 vaccine efforts are also supported by Gates dollars, with the US government also funding two trial-stage vaccines, one by Gates-funded French company Sanofi and the other by UK pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca, which is working with Gates foundation scientific advisory committee member John Bell and his team at the University of Oxford.

Bell is the “Regius Professor” of Medicine at Oxford University, which over the last decade or so has received in the region of $250 million from the Gates foundation.

Meanwhile, in April, Sanofi announced it was partnering with pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline on its vaccine programme.

The Moderna project, also funded by Gates and developed and championed by US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Anthony Fauci, is believed to use experimental mRNA technology utilising aborted foetal cell lines that it was hoped would allow rapid deployment to meet US President Donald Trump’s ambitious “warp speed” time line.

Fauci was so confident of the vaccine’s safety he waived ferret and primate studies but in initial tests in the human population “serious adverse” events were reported in the trial, although in early May the company received permission from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to start a phase-two study of its vaccine, with phase-three clinical trials expected next month.

When Covid19 first manifested itself in December last year, Inovio had already been working on a DNA vaccine for the MERS strain of coronavirus. This allowed it to quickly develop a potential vaccine, with the company announcing at the end of April that it had enrolled 40 volunteers in its phase-one clinical trial.

Pfizer has teamed up with German company BioNTech on its vaccine programme, which was given the green light for clinical trials in late April. The two companies began human testing in the United States in early May.

Like Moderna, Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceutical’s efforts are also said to involve aborted foetal cell lines, with the company announcing it would begin early-stage human clinical trials next month.

And, a final Gates-backed initiative, supports the efforts of former Pfizer scientist Jacob Glanville, who featured extensively in the Netflix documentary series, Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak.

The co-founder and CEO of Distributed Bio had been working on a “universal” coronavirus vaccine before the pandemic surfaced and his research is now focusing on antibody therapies using plasma from recovered Covid19 patients and antibodies found to be effective in neutralising SARS.

The research builds on its proprietary Centivax vaccine technology, which has been developed to produce broad-spectrum vaccines against rapidly mutating pathogens such as influenza and HIV.

"We are happy to announce we have completed the engineering and we have some very potent antibodies that can be effective against the virus," Glanville told CBS News in April.

The company aims to develop the antibodies into an injectable vaccine with the help of the US Army, which will carry out confirmation testing before “safety and tox characterisation” at the Charles River Laboratories.

Glanville said Distributed Bio had partnered with two different companies that would help it produce large batches of the antibody for immunisations. He also said the company was in discussions to start phase one and phase two human trials scheduled for the end of the summer.

On the surface this all seems wonderful news, the Gates foundation funding multiple projects to rescue humanity from this terrible virus, which has so far been deemed a “factor” in the death of as many as five per cent of people believed to have been infected by it globally.

But, depending on your viewpoint, the number of people infected could have been far higher, with this going unreported because the testing environment has been so poor that a huge number of cases have probably gone undetected… with the patients involved suffering none or minor symptoms.

Then one has to consider that although Covid19 has been required to be listed on the death certificate of any patient in which the virus was believed to be present, in a majority of those instances the patients fell into an at-risk category due to diabetes, cancer or some other debilitating illness that made them extremely vulnerable to any respiratory infection.

Some observers would also add that even cases where the virus was not present have also seen it included as a factor on death certificates, simply to bump up the numbers.

And, even if that were the case, so far globally the number of deaths where Covid19 has been a factor remains less than 0.0057 per cent of the world’s population… that’s less than 60 people in every million, with many of those being cancer or other vulnerable patients.

Both the UK and the United States have been more adversely affected than many other countries, with America’s rate being six times higher at 360 in a million and the UK the third-worst worldwide behind Belgium and Andorra. In Belgium the figure is 834 in a million, Andorra 673 and Britain 618 per million people.

Thankfully these figures are still very small in relation to population, so small in fact that one wonders why the global economy has been devastated to such an extent because of it? And, with a figure so small, why are so many pharmaceutical and research institutions so keen to get their hands on a vaccine?

The answer may be something to do with the 7.8 billion people in the world who could have been brainwashed into thinking they need a vaccine, or will be “required” to have one before life can return to normal.

The whole thing is daft… out of a million people, Covid19 is likely to be a factor in less than 60 deaths, with people who have good immunity experiencing mild or no symptoms. So, why, oh why do we need a vaccine at all? Surely it can’t be just about money, what’s really going on in the world right now? Could it all be part of a huge scam to introduce a new world order with a screw-like hold on mankind? I don’t know about you, but it looks that way to me!

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