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Covid - One Man’s Opinion

by Lloyd Farley 8 months ago in opinion
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Getting to the root of the issue

Sure, let’s jump in.

COVID Vaccines. If you look up ‘divisive’ in the dictionary there’s a big ol’ picture of Pfizer (there probably isn’t, actually, but you get the point). And not just divisive but passionately so. The closest I can equate this with in my life is the AIDS crisis of the ‘80s. I know people who have lost friends over the whole situation.

So, let’s break it down to what is the root of the divisiveness. First is the arguments around the science. For every argument that the vaccine hasn’t been tested enough there is an argument that not only has it been but has been tested more thoroughly than most vaccines. Hell – I managed to google that I am a watermelon within two clicks, so the science pros/cons can’t be part of the problem.

Next is the stories of the people involved. For every horror story of people on respirators, being lethargic, dying is a story of people who didn’t feel anything more than a cold or got Covid despite being vaccinated. Stories of front-line doctors, nurses, restaurant staff breaking down in tears from being overwhelmed are stories of the unmasked going about their business untouched by Covid’s ravages. So, again, can’t be used.

The government (or Bill Gates, or Elon Musk, or some other devious entity) conspiracies. Logically, it makes absolutely no sense for any government to spend millions and millions of dollars to fight something if they’re the ones that caused it in the first place. People not working equals people not paying taxes equals no government funds. There is literally no sound reason why a government would be behind this thing. But governments have been known to cover things up, to lie, to do things that make no sense to the common man. So we’ll call this a draw as well.

That leaves, at the root, you. More specifically, your willingness to “love one another as you love yourself.”

The truly unselfish were the first in line for vaccines when available. They don’t want to pass Covid on to loved ones or to others. They want life back to normal. The somewhat selfish get the vaccine because of the hope of life back to normal. They want to evade the worst properties of Covid themselves, but do not want to be “that guy” who gets others infected. The more selfish don’t get the vaccine because they don’t believe it to be safe, or not tested enough, or simply would rather not have something they don’t understand injected into them. These are the people that may or may not wear masks but do respect other’s opinions, even if they themselves don’t agree.

That leaves the truly selfish. The unmasked. The people that freak out on others who are simply trying to follow the rules they didn’t even make. The people who drop Facebook friends simply because of a pro-vaccine post, even if it’s not explicit. The people who block ambulances from reaching the hospitals quickly. The people who insist that their rights and freedoms are being sacrificed. The conspiracy theorists. The people who may even believe that what they are doing is in the best interest of all, but at the heart lies the fact that they hate that they are inconvenienced and being told what to do.

Listen – I respect everyone and their opinions, I really do. I have friends on all sides, and this is not meant as a condemnation of anyone. We do all have rights, but you can’t pick and choose what IS right and what is not. If you choose not to have the vaccine that absolutely is your right, and it should be respected, but restaurants also have the right to not let you into their establishment if you make that choice. To condemn them is hypocrisy at best. Remember the good old days when you could light up a smoke at the pub? That doesn’t happen anymore. Because it was in the best interest for the health of everyone to not allow it inside. You can still smoke, you just do it outside. Where was the vitriol on THAT decision?

Ultimately, wherever you land, be respectful of others. Don’t disown people because of their views. Don’t block fire trucks or ambulances – someone you love may be who they are racing to. Make your own choice, but know the consequences of that choice. Remember this is all uncharted territory – there isn’t a road map on how to deal with Covid (but learn from what others have done successfully (cough… cough… Jason Kenney… cough). Have compassion for those on the front lines – whatever your choices are, these people are truly going through hell trying to cope with this.

Your rights and freedoms aren’t being challenged – YOU are. You have the choice on how you meet that challenge.


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Lloyd Farley

Dashing, splendid, genius, awesome, and extremely humble - I am a 52 year old born and raised Calgarian, with a passion for bringing joy and writing humour, particularly puns.

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