Climate change-Time for world wide governance to get real

by Peter Rose 2 months ago in opinion

Climate change what is the UN doing about it?

Climate change-Time for world wide governance to get real

Climate change- Time for world wide governance to get real

Climate change is happening. What are the UN doing about it?

On the 19th December 2019 – a UK newspaper -Daily Mail on line – carried a report of a scientific study on one of the ancient ancestors of modern humans.

It has been found that a species called homo-erectus survived for nearly 2 million years and died out about 110,000 years ago It is thought that our species, Homo Sapiens started about 250,000 years ago.

This study claims global climate change killed off homo-erectus due to the warming of the planet killing off the grassland theses people relied on.

There is a hugely important question, for all those who keep claiming that we can reverse climate change. Those who keep claiming that if we increase taxes, if we impose draconian laws on what people may eat and how they live their lives; then we can stop global warming. Why did global warming occur 110,000 years ago? It can not be due to modern industrial activity. Not possible 110,000 years ago.

There needs to be a rational and sensible debate about coping solutions, that is how to deal with global climate change and the resultant displacement of millions of people. Please stop this pretense that stopping modern human activity, will stop climate change. At best we may just slow it a little. There is no argument against the declaration that we should reduce pollution. This is a different debate and one that should not be submerged by activities of the global warming rent a mob.

It is obvious that some big time financial investors have a vested interest in forcing changes to transport, ways of living, and ways of generating electricity. They obviously want the change to be to stuff they own, to be enforceable by law and equally obviously they do not want alternative proposals and inventions to be given a chance to replace the profits they stand to make.

The world and especially the climate protesters, need to wake up. The need is to get real, climate change is happening, it is always happening, what matters is how we cope with it. Stop claiming it can be stopped, stop demanding laws to make some rich people richer still and start a serious study of how to cope on a world wide basis. Climate warming will alter the way various land masses can be farmed, it will mean that areas now inhospitable will become capable of human habitation. Which areas and how the transition to these areas is handled is far more important than trying to force people to change to Lithium based economies and all go vegan.

Look at, what is in geological terms, relatively recent history. We humans have had ice ages where land we now can happily live on, was covered in thick layers of ice. This receded and so humans benefited from global warming. If we still lived in a relatively small band of inhabitable land either side of the equator while the rest of the planet was under vast amounts of ice; would the protesters still be claiming we must stop global warming? Would they be shutting down streets and disrupting the lives of millions, to claim that we must save the woolly mammoth and stay in our limited lands?

Climate change is far too important to leave in the hands of those who stand to profit, it is far too important to have the debate controlled by politically directed protesters. It is far too important to be directed by emotional protests. It is far too important to allow only one side of the debate, one slanted set of opinions to be heard. The future of human life could be dependent on how we resolve this in the long term. Long term means over a thousand or more years but the direction we start to move in now, is going to dictate the results in a thousand years time. Let us have an all embracing, all inclusive, rational and science based debate, not disruption and abuse of those who hold alternative opinions. Nothing sensible can be achieved by silencing debate and only harm can come from insisting only a limited set of opinions can be voiced.

Peter Rose
Peter Rose
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