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Bringing Women Back

by Jillian Weiss 4 years ago in opinion
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An American Woman Speaking Out

Time to ruffle some feathers. This is what I believe and I'm speaking out. Ladies! My dear American women! If any of you are sick of the feminist movement and what it represents today, you're in the right place. The modern-day movement of feminism divides men and women. It makes women victims of imaginary assault, it opposes logic and reason, leaving no room for the woman to define herself. Leaving only the mentality that with a victim status, they will reap rewards. No, they will gain resentment from good men.

Feminists claim to fight for the rights of women, to be the beacon of hope in a country where women are supposedly oppressed.

Am I turning a blind eye to the abuse that does happen in some instances? Absolutely not! But to shame a man simply for looking in a woman's direction or opening a door is simply absurd. A world apart from men is a world incomplete. We are all created equal but with different traits and purposes. Therefore why cannot we as women celebrate the things that we know come naturally to us, such as nurturing, grace, gentleness?

What is so evil, so horrible, about a mother staying home with her children? And a wife cooking for her husband? Not because she is forced to, but because she loves him and chooses to feed him in such a way.

Since the beginning of time, men and women have been together on this Earth. Women have a choice here, where it is not so in other countries. Take a country in the middle east, for example, such as Iraq, a woman cannot leave the house without a man as her escort, if she steps out her front door with her ankles showing, she is either condemned or killed.

So, why then are feminists complaining? It is an endless cycle, then they become more and more outraged because it leads to nowhere. Again, fighting for rights that they already have. For instance, if a woman wants to have an abortion, she sadly has that right, just because a man or woman disagrees with that choice, does not mean that her right is stripped from her. Unless such a thing had been made illegal. My point is, feminism is nothing more than a bunch of grousing women who demean men all for the sake of their so "called" oppression. It should cease to exist.

Traditional Feminism

Now, I will speak about what I believe feminism should be. I can tell you one thing, it shouldn't be about fighting for rights that women already have in a country such as America. But what are some becoming attributes to a woman? Is it shouting hatred at every man that comes across her path? Is it demanding rights to do what she desires with her own body? When no one is preventing her directly, perhaps there would be a difference of an opinion, but no one is physically stopping her.

No, I believe feminism should not be considered a movement but rather the traits that make a woman wholesome and pleasing to herself and those around her. To the point where her peers cannot get enough of her company. Such as saying please, saying thank you, taking the time to do her hair and dress modestly.

No doubt, some would call this old-fashioned. Or even believe me to be crazy for suggesting such a thing. I am 21 years old, a millennial, I adore wearing dresses and when a gentleman opens the door for me, I am delighted. I do not see this as an attack on my independence. I see it as a kindness. When men do these things it is not to demean women but actually quite the opposite, there is something called basic manners.

Living apart from men and forcing them to bend to our desires, through consistent nagging or even slander, will not bring women more love and respect. In fact, it will only give women who think logically and are proud of their femininity a bad name. Feminism even gives men a horrible reputation with the constant verbal attacks from women who follow said movement. Which leaves us with the question what is the point?

I do not think even the feminists know, because when they are questioned and opposed with reason and logic, one must be prepared for insistent antagonism. While it is true that every person in this country has a right to believe what they so desire, it is when these beliefs and or movements consistently seek to sow hatred is when it becomes a case of morality.

I'm Jillian Weiss and I am against feminism.


About the author

Jillian Weiss

Hi, my name is Jillian Weiss and I am 21 years old. I am a proud patriot, I love America and enjoy stating my opinion about current events. I've been writing ever since I could pick up a pencil. Join me in this walk of writing.

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